Delight in unique lunch dishes and herbal drinks amidst the botanicus bistro’s beautiful herb gardens.

Welcome to Botanicus Bistro at CyHerbia Botanical Park, where each visit promises an enchanting blend of nature and gastronomy in the heart of Cyprus. At our bistro, the natural world meets culinary excellence, crafting an unforgettable dining experience that echoes the island’s seasonal rhythms and local flavors. In fact, a signature favorite at our bistro is the assortment of loose leaf herbal teas made from herbs grown right in our own gardens. These teas aren’t just delicious—they’re packed with health benefits, from boosting immunity to soothing a cough. Another must-try is our homemade lavender lemonade, a refreshing and naturally sweet treat that captures the essence of our lush lavender beds. This unique beverage is also available as a squash in our Botanicals Shop, perfect for taking a piece of CyHerbia home with you!

An Oasis of Flavour

Surrounded by Cyherbia‘s aromatic herb gardens, the kitchen at Botanicus Bistro creates colourful and healthy dishes. Our dishes combine a variety of fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create visually appealing and nourishing meals. The outdoors seating area features a view point above the herb gardens, a play area for children and a fireplace at the indoors seating area.

Loose Leaf Herbal Teas

Taste delicious and highly nutritious herbal teas from our herb garden. From immune-boosting to relieving a dry cough, herbs can truly make a huge difference in your well-being.

Lavender Lemonade

Our unique lavender lemonade is hand-made in our kitchen. As lavender is naturally sweet & relaxing, it’s genuinely refreshing! A real summer treat.

Surprise Someone You Love


Spring is the best time for a dreamy bohemian picnic in the green woodland. Topped with delicious picnic platters, music you love and the sound of birds around you, this experience is pure perfection.

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Black Smoker’s Gin

Cyprus has a lot of herbs growing wild on the mountains, and citrus fruit and all the ingredients that were thoughtfully used in this gin. Being in the drinks industry for years and having mixed so many ingredients aiming for the perfect cocktail (!) we got together as three of a kind, Paris Christofides as a mixologist, Miranda Tringis as a botanist or more precise herbalist, and the oenologist Loukas Papaloukas. We closed our eyes and thought of our country and its beauty, the smells and its tastes and all tried to describe what is finally in this bottle. A gin offering to God that blessed our island as beautiful as it is, a gin that came from the produce of this earth, a gin that is connected with the formation of this terroir.

Local & Sustainable


Our talented chefs create seasonal menus to celebrate each season’s fruit, vegetable, greens, and you guessed it: herbs!

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You can reserve your spot, any time! Call us on +357 99 91 54 43, email, or complete the form on our contact page, where you can find out more about our opening times, general ticket prices, and more.

Receive Owls


We care so deeply about keeping you connected with the magic of nature that we send our owls (emails) carrying news and updates; updating you on CyHerbia festivals, events, workshops & special offers.

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