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The exceptional quality of Cyherbia’s natural cosmetics is striking. Our cosmetics line meets what your skin needs, not only for beauty and softness, but also for treatment. From creams, lotions and oils to sprays, bath bombs and soaps, everything is handmade from plants!
We use raw materials from nature, such as extracts from plants with vitamins and minerals. This way, the materials used go through minimal processing methods. These methods cause a significantly less amount of impact upon humans, animals and the earth. At Cyherbia, we use our pure essential oils in our natural cosmetics, with top quality plant based ingredients. Our Mediterranean herbs give us premium quality essential oils, extracted on site in our distillation room. Your skin will thrive when you switch to our natural products. We raise the standards of beauty products by using nature’s gifts. We don’t compromise our responsibility for human well-being as well as honoring and protecting our planet. We are the only company that has created a 100% natural soap from a Cypriot endemic plant called Saponaria Cypria! The roots of Saponaria are rich in saponins which provide naturally cleansing and foaming substance when used with water.
NATURAL cosmetics and unique products for skin care
Cyherbia Botanicals has a wide variety of skin care products for any skin type, treating even the most delicate skin conditions. Try our unique Hair Growth Tonic to promote hair growth, our top quality Face Cream and Oil Serum. Some of best healer salves include the Calendula Salve and the All-Purpose Salve, which are packed with the healing powers of marigold, lavender and more essential oils. The healer salves are incredible for treating skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, acne etc. Moreover, every year in the summer months during Lavender Festival, harvest blooming Lavender and extract essential oil and hydrosol for our lavender cosmetics line. Lavender is an excellent ingredient for skin care products, as it treats skin conditions, is very gentle on sensitive skin and it’s safe for all skin types.
Beauty is not just visual. It is an experience and a vibe
When you visit Cyherbia’s Herb Gardens and notice the fragrance of our herbs, as well as their beauty, think about them in your new face cream. Isn’t it wonderful to see the ingredients of our products thriving in rich soil, soaking the sun? As you walk, you will learn more about the multiple ways you can use herbs and their healing properties. If you are interested in natural cosmetics and essential oils, you will enjoy our workshops! Experience making your very own cosmetics with your friends during our Natural Cosmetics Workshop at Cyherbia Botanical Park. Go on a tour and get use all your senses to get to know the herbs before you use them as ingredients! Learn how you can make effective, high quality skin care products with our pure essential oils and plant based ingredients.