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Nothing is more aesthetically pleasing than adding magic, colour and plants to your home. Find the perfect home and outdoor accessories for your living room and garden in our online shop and at Cyherbia’s shop.
Indoor and outdoor accessories from our Fairy Wonderland
Take inspiration from our Fairy Village in Cyherbia’s enchanted woodland, and create your own fairy houses for your garden! Our outdoor accessories include fairies, toadstools, elves, wise man trees and fairy doors. These are a must for making your fairy garden come to life! Want to take it to the next level and create your own fairy house from scratch? Come to our Fairy House Workshops during the summer months and create your fairy house for your garden!
Feel close to Mother Nature in your own home with Cyherbia indoor and outdoor accessories
With your own authenticity and creativity, you create your own rituals at home. With our home accessories you will feel closer to nature day and night. Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in an oil burner with a candle. Feel the energy in your home instantly changing, your spirit elevating. Our sage smudge sticks made from the sage in our garden has a strong fragrance and is wonderfully cleansing. Create the perfect ambiance in your home with luxurious candles & incense. Prepare delicious tea in gorgeous glass tea infusers. Sit back and unwind. Our home accessories make thoughtful and unique gifts for your loved ones.

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