Educational Visits

Leave your office and class room! Join us on a unique experience in nature with fun activities and workshops!

Are you looking for an experience that will challenge your social and learning skills? Go on treasure-hunts and fun activities in the park, use all your senses to identify plants, learn the uses of herbs and discover which herbs suit you best!

Leave your office and class room and come to nature, where you will enhance engagement with each other and exercise your senses and thinking skills in a relaxing and green environment!

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Children and young adults Workshops

We are firm believers of learning by practice. Whether it means to learn to work with nature by practicing working with nature or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same. The dedication of physical or intellectual acts, from which comes achievement, gives a sense of one’s being, satisfies the spirit. The more we practice our interests, the more we yearn to become better, the more fulfilled we are as people. Children learn better by practice and we are here to make practice fun!

Cyherbia has developed a special educational program for schools in Greek, Russian and English, for children of different age groups from 5 till 18 years of age. Teachers accompany their students and go around the park on an educational scavenger hunt! This is a great opportunity to have everyone outside the classroom and learn something new by using all their senses and interact with nature. 

School Visits at Cyherbia

Cyherbia Botanical Park and Labyrinth invites schools, scouts and youth groups for an educational and fun day out in nature where you interact with nature and discover the plants of Cyprus and their uses. We offer educational games for various age groups in all areas of the park: the herb gardens, maze and woodland. In the herb gardens you can discover the benefits of local herbs. In the maze you are challenged to find the hidden birds as well as the way out. The woodland, where hundreds of Cypress trees form the outline of the island, you can find the most important locations of cultural heritage as you walk around Cyprus. Students can bring their own snack and eat in the tea room, where they can taste our herbal tea as well.
directions to Cyherbia

Our educational game sheet will take you on a route around all areas of the park: the botanical gardens, the maze and the woodland. 

  • In the botanical gardens, you will learn more about the use of herbs, their names and what they look like.
  • Scavenger hunt game all around the park.
  • Find your way out of the maze. 

For the little ones

Make your very own fairy wish bottle! By using leaves, flowers, a message scroll for the fairies and use your imagination to get super creative. All materials needed for this workshop are provided by us. 

This workshop is perfect for kids aged 3-6. Once you finish your fairy wish bottle you can go around the herb gardens and play a scavenger hunt game, or find your way out of the maze! 

For the teens

Cosmetics workshops for teenagers: Make your very own herbal cosmetic line, using natural and plant based ingredients and essential oils. Learn more about their use in worldwide cosmetology. You can make a face and body scrub, aromatherapy roll-on, bath tea and hair rinse-conditioner.

This workshop is extremely fun to do, as you get to use your hands and be creative. 

Adult Groups and Team Building

Cosmetics Workshop

Make your own face and body scrub, aromatherapy roll on and bath tea using herbs and essential oils from Cyherbia, while learning about the benefits of each ingredient!

Personalized Tea Making Workshop

Go on a tour around the herb garden, discover the various uses and benefits of Cypriot herbs. At the end of the tour, you can make your own personalized tea blend.

Team Building Workshop

We invite companies to bring their teams over for a unique experience in nature! This is your opportunity to leave the office and stress behind and have a change of scenery, surrounded by trees, aromatic herbs and flowers! 

Do scavenger hunts, creative workshops and interactive games!

Communicate with each other, show off your problem-solving skills and express your authentic individuality together in various challenges!

At the end of this workshop, you will have learned new things about each other and bring your team closer together with more understanding and motivation. s individual people outside of the work space in a natural, relaxing and fun environment.

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