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Natural products in Cyprus & a unique experience for the whole family

Cyherbia Botanical Park offers not only natural products but also a unique and enjoyable experience for families and friends.

Visit the 9 themed organic herb gardens, the only maze in Cyprus, the Woodland shaped like the outline of Cyprus, and the lavender meditation labyrinth.

Visitors can take a leisurely stroll while learning about Cypriot herbs and engage in educational activities with game sheets provided for children. The park also features a distillation room where essential oils are extracted.

The Botanicus Bistro with scenic views of the herb gardens, serving fresh vegetarian and vegan dishes.

Natural products made from the park’s herbs and oils are available for purchase both in the Botanical Shop and online.

Additionally, the park hosts annual fantasy events and educational workshops throughout the year. Cyherbia Botanical Park ensures accessibility for all, with wheelchair-friendly pathways, disabled parking, and facilities such as disability toilets and baby changing facilities.

Cyherbia Botanical Park offers natural products and an escape from daily life, providing stress relief and a deep connection to nature. Through diverse herbs and immersive experiences, it fosters rejuvenation, knowledge, well-being, and memorable family experiences.

  • Black Smokers Gin


    What kind of alcohol is Black Smokers Gin? This Artisan Gin is not yet another...

  • Witchy Cauldron Bath Bomb


    Indulge in the magic of our Witch Cauldron Bath Bomb. With a captivating pumpkin spice...

  • Sage Smudge Stick


    Clear negativity from your home and yourself with our White Sage & Sweetgrass Smudge Stick....

  • Lavender Essential Oil 12ml

  • Geranium Essential Oil 12ml

  • Relaxation Tea Mix BIO


    Experience tranquility with our Relaxation Tea Blend. Crafted from calming chamomile, soothing lavender, zesty lemon...

Reconnect with Nature

Explore the Essence of Cypriot Nature, Healthy Food and a variety of Natural Products

Walk inside the 9 themed herb gardens with Cypriot and Mediterranean herbs

Get lost in the one and only maze of Cyprus and find the 7 hidden protected birds

Do the ‘Walk of Cyprus’and discover the Fairy Village and the Witche’s Cottage

Enjoy fresh and healthy dishes and herbal drinks, with a view of the herb gardens

Discover Unique Workshops and Festivals

Learn how essential oils are distilled

Shop natural products made on site

Join our educational and fun workshops for all ages

The biggest fantasy family festivals in Cyprus

Have your enchanting wedding at our venue

We make education fun with a scavenger hunt

Enjoy a stylish bohemian picnic in the Woodland

Book a professional photoshoot in nature

Our Team

Meet our talented and diverse team!

Cyherbia's Testimonials Speak

"Cyherbia Botanical Park is a herbal oasis brought to life by the talented team led by Miranda and Adam. They have created a true paradise in Cyprus, where nature's beauty flourishes and visitors can immerse themselves in the wonders of botanical wonders. A must-visit!

Paola Savva

Founder SheInspires Cyprus

A tranquil place where you can enjoy a walk in nature, smell Cyprus natural scents and buy organic products. A unique place that encourages us to notice and appreciate the natural beauty of our island. I strongly recommend it to both locals and tourists, families, couples and single travelers.

Effie Gavriel Kalopedi

G.E. English Centre

This is an absolutely wonderful day out . There’s so much to see and do . They’ve almost always got something happening through the seasons . Everything from Making Lavender oil to distilling Gin … and everything in between.. the new Bistro is a delight!

cyherbia testimonials


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