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Cyherbia Botanical Park in Avgorou village, Cyprus is a unique place to visit for a fun day out for the whole family. The park features 9 themed organic herb gardens, a large hedge maze, a forest planted in the shape of the island, and a lavender meditation labyrinth. There are special educational and fun activities available for kids. In the park we grow all kinds of certified organic Mediterranean herbs, which are used in the production of teas, essential oils and cosmetics. You will find these products in the herb shop at Cyherbia park as well as in our webshop below.


Handmade on site in our apothecary


Outdoor events, festivals and workshops

A fun day out in nature like no other!

  • Go on an educational and relaxing walk around the 9 themed herb gardens. We have educational game sheets for all ages!
  • Discover the indigenous trees of Cyprus in a woodland shaped in the shape of our island with Cypress trees
  • Challenge yourself by finding your way out of our big maze and take gorgeous pictures on top of the watch tower inside the maze
  • See how essential oils are distilled in our distillation room, and learn about the health benefits of each essential oil we make
  • Enjoy a complimentary cup of herbal tea in the tea room with your entrance ticket and you can choose from a variety of fresh and healthy vegetarian and vegan dishes and desserts on our menu
  • Browse our natural products in our shop, all of them are made by hand on site. Our staff are happy to help you find herbs that suit your needs.

How it all began

Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth, is a family business which established in 2012.

The story behind the vision and motivation of Cyherbia began in 2004, with Adam and Miranda, when their first born Melina, used to get sick a lot as a child. Melina had immune system problems and would get sick more often than usual. By being given prescriptions for various pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics, she would get many side effects and her immune system weakened even more. By the age of four, due to overmedication, the antibiotics had become ineffective and Melina had no defences left against even the mildest cold or flu.

NatCy Soap: Research Program

The NatCy Soap Research Project is an innovative collaboration between Frederick University researchers, the Department of Pharmacy and Cyherbia Botanical Park for the creation of a natural soap extracted from Saponaria Cypria species, an endemic plant of Cyprus. The results of the experiments will be used to produce an innovative natural product from Cyherbia Botanical Park.

Our customers share their experience from this year's workshops and outdoor activities!

Children learn more about herbs with our gamesheet!

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