Essential Oils
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The premium quality of Cyherbia’s pure essential oils is phenomenal. All oils are 100% pure, with no additives or carriers. With the warm climate and rich earth, our organic Mediterranean herbs contain the highest quality oils in Cyprus.

NATURAL 100% therapeutic high-grade pure essential oils!

Seasonal herbs are harvested from our gardens and extracted in our distillation room on site. Yes, you can witness the distillation process and learn more about essential oils during your visit! The most popular essential oils we distill are lavender, rosemary, oregano, thyme and bay laurel. Their potent fragrances are ideal for aromatherapy and massage uses. We use our essential oils in all Cyherbia Botanicals products. This is why our cosmetics line is of the highest quality, with plant based ingredients!

Pure essential oils are very special, as they can be used in so many ways:

for beauty, relaxation,as medicine, for pain relief, skin care and even cleaning! They are safe to use for all ages, as long as they are used carefully and correctly. Our passion is to share with you the gifts of our local Cypriot herbs. By using herbal products you can be more connected to nature, physically and mentally. When you visit Cyherbia, you will notice the love and care we have for each and every plant. In return, we receive their precious gifts! Why not discover the precious pure essential oils from Cyherbia’s herbal wonderland yourself?