Our Story

From discovering the healing power of herbs, to the day we opened our CyHerbia gates to the public with the 1st Lavender Festival.

2000 – 2004

Discovering the healing power of herbs

The motive behind Cyherbia Botanical Park began when founders Adam and Miranda had their first daughter, Melina. She used to get sick a lot as a child. Melina had immune system problems and would get sick more often than usual. By being given prescriptions for various pharmaceutical drugs and antibiotics, she would get many side effects and her immune system weakened even more. By the age of four, due to overmedication, the antibiotics had become ineffective and Melina had no defences left against even the mildest cold or flu.

Until one day… Miranda decided to take an alternative route for her daughter’s recovery. She started adding more and more vegetables and fruit to the child’s diet, as well as giving her daily herbal infusions to re-build the immune system. She started studying more and more about herbal remedies and natural medicine. To her great delight she found that common garden herbs such as sage, peppermint and thyme were able to augment the immune system. Moreover, they directly treated a common cold or flu.

Melina steadily became healthier and stronger and after just one year she didn’t need to visit the doctor anymore…

2004 – 2011

Seeing opportunities in challenges

While Miranda’s thirst for studying herbal medicine grew more and more, one day, Adam tagged along with a friend to view a piece of land this friend was interested in buying. The field was in Avgorou village. When they arrived, Adam’s friend decided he didn’t want the piece of land, but Adam liked it and ended up buying the land.

Adam then, had a vision of growing herbs for the family, which led to growing herbs for the public. It quickly led to educating the public about herbal medicine and eventually, his vision became today’s Cyherbia botanical park.

2004 – Onwards

Big changes were happening every year

There was much to learn about growing trees, herbs and plants. Miranda got a degree in herbal medicine, while Adam started designing the park and planting Cypriot and Mediterranean trees and herbs with help of many friends. Each plant he saw as his child, nurturing them and taking care of them in all adverse circumstance. Adam built a distillation room for extracting essential oils, a small shop and made a seating area in front of the gardens. After 7 years of blood, sweat and tears, failures and successes, doubts and hopes, the family opened their creation to the public in June 2012.

June 2012

Cyherbia opens its gates to the public with the 1st Lavender Festival

With the beautiful lavender garden in bloom, the family was ready to share their happiness with the public. Back then, Cyherbia had a small shop with home made herbal products. Cyherbia’s small shop was very minimal, with a very small stock. To Miranda’s great surprise, her products sold out very quickly! People witnessed the extraction of herbal essential oil in the distillation room. The maze was tall and challenged visitors to find their way out. The herb gardens were colourful and fragrant with lavender, geranium, yarrow, lemon balm, lemon verbena, sage, rosemary and bay leaf. The woodland’s trees were standing tall and proud, already almost 10 years old! Every visitor was amazed by the vision and the creation of the beautiful park. Sharing their loving thoughts and sweet compliments, Adamos and Miranda felt proud and accomplished. This gave them more ideas on how to improve, of activities to include for children and educating schools about the herbs of Cyprus.

Since 2012…

Cyherbia has been growing incredibly fast as a business and welcomes locals, tourists and schools to come for a fun and educational trip at the park. There are many annual events that are organized by the team, such as: The Annual Lavender festival in June, the Fairy Festival, and Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween activities, Christmas Crafts, as well as many essential oil distillations, educational seminars and workshops throughout the year. Miranda was often invited to give interesting talks, workshops and interviews on tv channels which made her more and more famous every year. Elderly people often called for Miranda’s advice and she would recommend them herbal medicine to heal illnesses and physical pain. This led to making more and more herbal products such as herbal tinctures and extracts, essential oils, teas, salves and lotions. People quickly saw how the unique blends of herbal tea had real medicinal properties that helped them feel better physically and emotionally.

Present Day

Where are we now…

Present Day

Where are we now…

The Cyherbia Botanical Park project has received support and co-funding from the Leader Programme of the European Union and the Republic of Cyprus. Between 2014 and 2020, Cyherbia received assistance for carrying out activities under the Strategic Local Development framework, driven by local communities. This support came from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Agency, which oversees the rural development program. Specifically, the funding contributed to the modernization of the botanical park, including the construction of new buildings and the acquisition of machinery and equipment. The European Union and the Republic of Cyprus jointly co-financed the investment project undertaken by Cyherbia for the modernization and expansion of its facilities.