HERB gardens

The Herb Gardens at Cyherbia: The Beautiful Gardens In Cyprus

Reconnect with the wonders of nature and awaken your senses at Cyherbia Botanical Park. Feast your eyes on a vibrant tapestry of green, adorned with an array of flowers, playful lizards, and graceful butterflies. Immerse yourself in the essence of culinary herbs that grace traditional Cypriot dishes, with their aromatic scents lingering on your fingertips.

Upon entry, receive a comprehensive guidebook detailing each garden’s treasures, showcasing the uses and benefits of the indigenous and Mediterranean herbs cultivated on-site. For young explorers, an educational game sheet awaits, leading them on a scavenger hunt and teaching them about herbs and helpful insects. Return it for a delightful prize.

Don’t miss the Lavender Gardens, a breathtaking sight during June and early July, when the lavender blooms in all its glory. All the herbs are organically grown, hand-harvested, and their oils extracted onsite. Explore our natural products in the Cyherbia shop or online.

Every season holds its charm, with lush greenery in spring, summer, and autumn, hosting our grand events like the Fairy Festival, Lavender Festival, and Pumpkin Carving/Halloween. Cyherbia Botanical Park invites you to savor the ever-changing beauty of nature year-round.

nine themed gardens

The herb gardens are divided into 9 different sections, each having a theme. As you walk through the different gardens you will see plants related to these themes. Many plants have diverse actions and you will see them in more than one theme garden, for example thyme is used for therapeutic baths but also as an aromatic and a culinary herb. Discover the Bath Garden, Medicinal Garden, Aromatic Garden, Pest Control Garden, Ladies Garden, Relaxation Garden, Potpourri Garden, Kitchen Garden and Poison Garden.


Cyprus Wildlife

In the herb gardens you will see many species of Cyprus’ wildlife, such as: birds, lizards, butterflies, bees and if you are lucky, hedgehogs! Although hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and there is a very slim chance of seeing them roam about during the day, we are a rescue sanctuary for hedgehogs that used to be pets at home, and we slowly re-introduce them to the outdoors world again. On the left picture is Legolas, the albino hedgehog.

Butterfly Hatchery

During the summer breeding season for butterflies, explore the captivating Swallowtail butterfly life cycle at Cyherbia. Visit the butterfly hatchery near the Botanicus Bistro to witness cocoons and newborn butterflies as they practice their wing skills before taking flight in the lush gardens. It’s a magical encounter with nature’s transformation and the graceful Swallowtail butterflies in action.


The Distillation Room

Explore our distillation room and delve into the fascinating process of essential oil extraction. Our friendly team will guide you through the workings of our distilleries, offering a sensory journey as you inhale the aromatic essence of our own produced essential oils and hydrosols (flower water). Discover the distinctive uses and well-being benefits of each oil, making this experience both educational and aromatic.

Hundreds of Natural Cosmetics and Herbal Products made on site

At Cyherbia Botanical Park, we hand cut and carefully process our herbs to create high quality teas, that are not only delicious and aromatic but also therapeutic. Our herbal teas can aid a common cough, flu, headaches, stomach pain, relieve stress, promote energy levels and aid insomnia. We have a wide range of essential oils, hydrosols that can be used for skin care, hair growth and even repel mosquitoes. Be sure to ask a member of staff about our herbal extracts and their nutritional benefits!


What to bring with you?

As the scorching summer sun shines down, we advise our visitors to come prepared. Be sure to bring along an umbrella, a hat, and opt for cool, comfortable clothing and breathable footwear. However, fret not if you’re without these essentials, as we offer umbrella rentals for your convenience. Simply pick one up for your stroll and return it when you’re done.

Additionally, consider bringing your reusable water bottle. We’re delighted to offer unlimited refills of refreshing water, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout your visit. Enjoy your time at Cyherbia Botanical Park with these thoughtful provisions for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience.

The Lavender Gardens

Every year, during the enchanting months of June and July, Cyherbia Botanical Park unveils its captivating Lavender Gardens. Crafted as a labyrinth, these gardens offer a serene and mindful experience, inviting you to wander among the vibrant lavender blooms while inhaling their tranquil aromas. Mark your calendar for the annual Lavender Festival in June, a grand celebration of the “Queen of Herbs.” Immerse yourself in informative tours, explore distillation extraction processes, get creative with cosmetics workshops, and savor lavender-infused delights. It’s a time of joyful festivity where you can deepen your connection with this cherished herb and indulge in its many wonders.


Tours in the Herb Gardens

Embark on an enlightening journey through the rich world of Cypriot and Mediterranean herbs with our informative tours, tailored for tourists, locals, and schools alike. These guided tours offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the diverse uses and benefits of these herbs.

Wander through our nine themed herb gardens, each a botanical treasure trove, and gain comprehensive insights into therapeutic, aromatic, culinary, relaxing, and even potentially poisonous herbs. Our expert guides will share their knowledge, ensuring a captivating and educational experience.

Visit our distillation room to uncover the intricate distillation process and discover the myriad uses and advantages of our essential oils and hydrosols, all produced right here at Cyherbia Botanical Park.

Following your tour, relish a moment of relaxation in the Botanicus Bistro, where you can savor a complimentary cup of herbal tea while overlooking the enchanting herb gardens. It’s the perfect way to conclude your informative and sensory-rich exploration of the world of herbs.

Group Visits

Book a visit with a group of 12 or more people. Go on a guided tour with us in the herb garden and distillation room.


School Visits

Book a visit with your class room. Children get an educational game sheet and activities to complete together.


Our services


Professional Photoshoots

Capture memories with a professional photoshoot by booking our resident photographer at Cyherbia Botanical Park.


Fantasy Events

Mark your calendars for our festivals: Fairy, Easter Egg Hunt, Lavender, Pumpkin Carving, Halloween and Christmas!


Enchanting Weddings

Discover the ultimate intimate wedding venue in Cyprus, designed for creating unforgettable and cherished moments.

Perfect for your dreamy, picturesque wedding surrounded by nature and floral aromas. Our venue is perfect for intimate weddings, for couples looking for something out of the ordinary and non traditional!