Embark on an enlightening journey through our lush Woodland with the Cyprus foraging workshop.


Embark on an enlightening journey through Cyprus’s lush Woodland with the Wild Greens of Cyprus foraging workshop, guided by herbalist and Cyherbia’s founder, Miranda Tringis. Delve into the realm of often-overlooked wild greens, cherished for millennia in culinary traditions. Discover their nutritional and healing properties through an informative seminar by Miranda. Learn how to identify and harness their benefits. After the enriching seminar and foraging tour, indulge in mouthwatering homemade dishes infused with wild greens. As a bonus, you’ll receive an e-book packed with recipes and educational insights, ensuring you carry the wisdom of this day’s experience with you. Unearth the ancient culinary treasures of Cyprus!

The Fairy Village

Embark on a whimsical adventure in the Woodland and uncover the enchanting Fairy Village and its charming Cottage. Test your observation skills as you seek out fairies and magical denizens in this mystical realm. Share your heart’s desire by inscribing it on paper, fold it with care, and deposit it within the fairies’ post box. Stroll deeper into the woodland to discover the meticulously crafted fairy houses, each uniquely designed. Can you guess which fairy calls each house home? Along the way, you’ll encounter mushroom steps, wooden bridges, flower swings, friendly hedgehogs, and an array of magical creatures, making this woodland walk a truly enchanting experience.


As you walk in the woodland, you will eventually get to the fairy village. Each fairy house is handmade. Can you guess what kind of fairy lives in each one? You will see mushroom steps, wooden bridges, flower swings, hedgehogs and many magical creatures.

The Cottage

Every season this wooden cottage is decorated with a different theme, especially during our annual festivals.

The perfect photo opportunity setting with real pumpkins during Halloween and Pumpkin Carving in October.

During the fairy festival, the cottage is decorated with flowers, moss, fairies and treasures!

Entering the spooky cottage on the Halloween weekend in October! Beware of the grim reaper, the spiders and poison bottles inside!

Boho Picnic

Celebrate special moments in style with our Boho Picnic under the serene pine trees. Experience a visually captivating setup in bohemian decor while savoring mouthwatering picnic fare designed to please every palate. Perfect for sharing cherished times with loved ones.


Wild Greens of Cyprus

The Wild Greens of Cyprus foraging workshop takes you on a tour in the Woodland with herbalist and founder of Cyherbia, Miranda Tringis. During this workshop, you will learn to identify the wild greens of our island, that are overlooked in our modern age, but have been used for thousands of years for culinary purposes. These wild greens are highly nutritious and healing, and Miranda gives an educational seminar where she teaches about their benefits and how to use them. After the seminar and the foraging tour, you will enjoy delicious home-made dishes with wild greens. Plus, you get an e-book with the recipes and all the educational information from the day to take with you!

The Workshop

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