Black Smokers Gin


Just out! Cyprus Artisan Gin ‘BLACK SMOKERS’. Limited edition, light, citrus notes, and fragrant gin inspired by the formation of the island.

It is not yet another gin on the market. Here we have a story connected with its production. Cyprus has a lot of herbs growing wild on the mountains, and citrus fruit and all the ingredients were thoughtfully used in this gin. Mixologist Paris Christofides, herbalist Miranda Tringis expert distiller Roland WIG put their heads together to come up with an original Cyprus gin. “We closed our eyes and thought of our island and its beauty, the smells and its tastes and all tried to describe what is finally in this bottle. A gin offering to God that blessed our island as beautiful as it is, a gin that came from the produce of this earth, a gin that is connected with the formation of this terroir.”

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