What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from the plant’s leaves, flowers or stems. At Cyherbia, we extract oils in our distillery. The distillation process separates the oil from the water that is condensed inside the plant material. The distilled oil is then separated from distilled water particles again and again until the oil is completely pure. The distilled water, also called hydrosol or hydrolate, has the same properties as the essential oil. However, essential oils are more powerful than hydrosols and we need to know how to use them correctly for our safety. In addtion to, before you choose an essential oil, you need to know why and how you are going to use it. Every essential oil has its own properties and health benefits. Once you find the essential oil that is best for you, it will change your life.

There are 3 easy ways we can use essential oils. In any way we choose to use them we need to remember to dilute them very well for our own safety.

  1. Inhalalation: For a steam bath, fill a big bowl with hot water and add 2-3 drops of an essential oil of your choice. Place your face above the bowl, close to the water and cover your head with a towel. The steam vaporizes  the essential oil to enter your skin’s pores. Take deep breaths. This method is great for cosmetic use, when we feel ill or when we have a sinus or lung infection. You can do this for as long as you like, we recommend you do this for at least 10 minutes.
  2. External application: In 5 ml carrier oil, add 1 drop of essential oil, then apply and massage where needed on the skin. You can do this with a body cream or salve that you already have. 
  3. Internal consumption: Only certain oils are suitable for internal use but great care must be taken as they are very potent and can cause harm. Consult your herbalist for safe internal use of essential oils. 

How are essential oils used?

How much oil shoud I use?

As stated above, essential oils are highly condensed. In most cases, just one drop is more than enough! For instance, for therapeutic and aromatherapy reasons, the recipe is 1 drop of essential oil in 5ml or 1 tsp carrier oil. Mix with a toothpick or a teaspoon. In particular, always be cautious when choosing your carrier oil, as many carrier oils are cold pressed from nuts and you may be allergic to them.

Which essential oils can I use for inhaling?

  • Lavender is a great essential oil for all types of skin. It treats skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and it disinfects and soothes it. It is great for getting rid of blackheads and spots. Lavender regenerates skin cells, so it has natural anti-ageing effects.  Not only is lavender great for skin-care, you can also use it to treat headaches and a cold.
  • Eucalyptus has antimicrobial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help stimulate deep breathing and cal help relieve a cough, clear your sinuses, and soothe a tight chest.
  • Thyme is a powerful essential oil that is used to treat asthma. As soon as you inhale the aroma of thyme, your lungs will open and your sinuses start to clear. It helps with calm breathing and its disinfecting and antimicrobial properties can relieve

Which essential oils can I use for external application?

Topical application of essential oils can be extremely beneficial for your skin, muscles, joints and blood circulation. There is an essential oil for every need and the great thing is, is that essential oils have a whole list of benefits. For example, topical application of lavender on your temples for a headache will not just treat a headache, it will lift your mood, calm your nervous system, relax your muscles and treat joint pain. Essential oils get absorbed by the skin and enter the blood stream, so it will naturally treat more areas of the body. All of our oils are safe to use on the skin, as long as they are diluted properly. 1-2 drops of essential oil in 5 ml carrier oil or lotion is a standard way of diluting and it is easy to spread topically on the skin. In particular, essential oils that contain limonene are best used at night, as exposure to the sun could cause dangerous side effects. Essential oils containing limonene include orange, lemon, lemon verbena and bergamot. 

Some great essential oils to use to relieve muscle pain are lavender and rosemary. For rheumatic and arthritic pain, massage 2-3 drops of bay laurel and rosemary in a carrier oil and massage well where it feels sore or painful. 

How can we consume essential oils in 2023?

There are lots of ways essential oils can be consumed safely. For instance, starting in the kitchen, try adding more flavour to a bottle of olive oil with just one drop of oregano, thyme or rosemary oil. Using this as a dressing to your dishes, not just because it is simply delicious, it will help also aid digestion! Give your home cocktails a twist by adding 1/2 drop of an essential oil of your choice. Make sure when mixing essential oils in cocktails you dilute them well.  You can bake cakes with 1-2 drops of essential oil too, to make the flavor extra strong. 

Furthermore, when you want to strengthen your immune system and have a natural antibiotic for a cold, a bug or a virus you can consume oregano oil. Oregano oil is the most powerful essential oil with antiviral, antibiotic, antibacterial properties. It acts as a natural antibiotic and can help build your immune system. Mix 2 drops of oregano essential oil in a small cup or bowl with yoghurt or a thick juice. Make sure to mix it very well. Never mix it with water, as oil and water don’t mix. If you do, you might burn your throat. 

How do I store my essential oils?

Essential oils should always be kept in a cold dark place. Keep them out of reach of children. Always keep them in their original glass bottles or in other glass bottles of your preference. Never bottle them in a plastic bottle, as essential oils eat through plastic and will create a mess on your shelves.

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