Fairy Festival 2019

The 4th Fairy Festival in Cyprus was held at Cyherbia in Avgorou, on APRIL 6th & 7th 2019.

fairy festival 2019 at Cyherbia Cyprus

Fairy Festival 2019 at Cyherbia Cyprus


Faeries, princes and princesses, knights, pixies and pirates, gather round!

Fairy Festival 2019 games and activities!

In the Herb Garden

In the Labirinth

Enchanted Forest

The fairy festival 2019 was the biggest event we had compared to other years. Thousands of locals and tourists came from all over Cyprus with their families and friends. The park, tea room and shop were all decorated with flowers, fairies, gnomes, knights and butterflies! After the heavy rain fall from the long winter in Cyprus, the trees and herbs sunbathed in the spring’s warm sun and dressed themselves in forest green and flowers. The divine smells of pine, rosemary and bay laurel set the atmosphere just right to celebrate fantastic moments of joy and laughter.

Fairy Festivals at Cyherbia

family with small baby enjoying fairy festival 2019
Man learning how to walk on stilts at Cyherbia Fairy Festival 2019

Visitors came in their most creative costumes. At the entrance, they received the game sheet with the activities locations and quests for an entire day of fun. By the wooden kiosk outside the maze, one may find merchants and fortunetellers. They make and sell crafts, artwork, jewellery, books and more! Walk to the maze and follow the instructions on your game sheet. In the forest, you will find the piper, he will tell you a tale that should be passed on to your dreams. Walk with him to the fairy village. How many fairies and fairy houses can you find? Write your wish to the fairies and place it inside their wishing post box. In between the tall, green trees, you can take part in many fun activities. The unicorn ring tilting, go on a treasure hunt, you can make a magic wand, make dream catchers and more! What does the piper want to show you in the witch cottage? Is he hiding something? Challenge your good eye and steady hand with the woodland pixie, she will show you how to use an arrow and a bow. 

For each Fairy Festival at Cyherbia, we use our imagination, inspiration and childhood memories to create this festival together. As we all come from different countries in the world, we find inspiration from our individuality. This way, we have diverse activities for all ages inspired by elements from different fairy tales and fantasy games for you to enjoy.

fairy girl at Cyherbia Fairy festival 2019 in Cyprus

So, are you ready to take part in more activities?Outside the maze, you can take part in learning how to stilt walk with the joker! Every hour there is maypole dancing with the fairies, celebrating mother earth and her majesty of life and creation. Keep an eye on the time so you don’t miss the costume competition and win a prize!The steampunk alchemist shows outside the maze are a must-see! Help her make potions, spells and explosions! Go on a scavenger hunt in the herb garden and find the flower fairies’ hidden magic potions!

After you finish the activities in the park you can go enjoy a fresh lunch in the herb garden, enjoy a complementary cup of herbal ice tea and try our famous lavender lemonade. Our kitchen serves freshly made vegetarian dishes, inspired by the cypriot diet. We serve deliciously filling salads, wraps packed with nutritious lentils and vegetables. Have you tried our coconut chickpea curry? For kids we have freshly made pizzas, wraps and sandwiches. Our homemade cakes, muffins and lemonades will satisfy your sweet tooth as well!

In the herb shop, Cyherbia’s staff will inform you about the uses of essential oils and teas to support your health needs. Limited edition products based on fairy festival are available too, such as the fairy soaps, enchanting gift sets and ofcourse, the fairy tea. The fairy tea is made with dried edible flowers and aromatic herbs, perfect for sipping in your garden late in the evening. Fairies, dragons, toadstools and fairy doors are also available as souvenirs, or better yet, use them to make your very own fairy village at home!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.” – Albert Einstein.

At Cyherbia, we love giving visitors opportunities to expand their imagination, their minds and their hearts. We believe that, by creating a magical world in nature and becoming a part of it, it will stimulate your dreams, desires and imagination. Children and adults alike can feel like they are a part of not only nature, but the world of imagination and endless possibilities. The decorated park, the fragrant smells of the trees and herbs, the fantasy characters around you, will make you feel like a child again! Every staff member you interact with, plays the role of a fantasy character. Anywhere you walk, you will discover something new and exciting. And every year, the fairy festival is different from the previous one. We change it every time, so as to give you a fresh, new experience to look forward to. This is why, locals and tourists love to come again and again!

We would love to hear your feedback about our Fairy Festival 2019!

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