Miranda Tringis

Miranda: Weaving Dreams into Reality at Cyherbia Botanical Park

Miranda, the visionary founder of Cyherbia Botanical Park, embodies the transformative power of determination and passion. While nurturing her family, she pursued her dream of becoming a certified herbalist, dedicating herself to the study of herbal medicine.

Together with her husband Adam, Miranda embarked on a decade-long journey, overcoming obstacles and investing their hearts and souls into a vision: to create an educational and enchanting botanical park, complete with a labyrinth, nestled in the breathtaking landscape of Cyprus.

With unwavering dedication and tireless effort, Miranda and Adam brought their vision to life, meticulously crafting each aspect of the park. In 2012, their labor of love opened its gates to the public, exceeding even their wildest expectations. What began as a dream had blossomed into something bigger than they could have imagined.

Miranda Tringis: Founder & Herbalist

Miranda’s deep connection to nature and her profound knowledge of herbal medicine infuse every corner of Cyherbia Botanical Park. Her commitment to education, environmental stewardship, and the celebration of botanical wonders has turned the park into a sanctuary of beauty and a hub of knowledge.

Today, Miranda’s legacy continues to thrive as Cyherbia Botanical Park enchants visitors with its breathtaking landscapes, intricate labyrinth, and immersive educational experiences. Her unwavering determination, coupled with the support of her family and the dedicated team at the park, has created a cherished destination that nourishes the mind, body, and soul.

Miranda’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, love for nature, and the ability to transform dreams into reality. Her pioneering spirit and commitment to creating a botanical haven have touched the lives of countless individuals who now find solace, inspiration, and connection within the magical realm of Cyherbia Botanical Park.

Driven by a heartfelt connection to the Earth’s natural wonders, Miranda possesses an unwavering vision for harnessing the potential of botanicals. She navigates the intricate world of plants, delving into their rich history, traditional uses, and scientific benefits. Drawing upon this knowledge, she curates a botanical collection that encapsulates the essence of nature’s healing and nurturing abilities.