Overlooking the beautiful herb gardens, the tea room is a place where you can sit back, relax and try our delicious lunch dishes and refreshing drinks.

Enjoy a cup of tea from a big selection of herbal tea mixes in our Tea Room. We have fresh vegetarian and vegan dishes such as wraps, sandwiches, salads, pizzas and soups. You should also try our unique muffins and cakes. We love being creative and playful with flavours and we use fresh, seasonal greens, fruit and herbs in all of our dishes. Every week we have something new and fresh for you to try out!

rest drinking a natural tea at cyherbia

Your first cup of tea is on the house!

When you come back from your walk in the herb gardens, present us your entrance ticket and you will get a complimentary cup of herbal tea. In the summer, we have delicious ice teas and in the winter we have herbal teas that will warm up your entire body.

Meet Legolas!

Legolas is our resident rescue albino hedgehog. He is very friendly, social and doesn't mind being around people for a short period of time. There are generations of hedgehog families living in the park, if you spot one during the day you are very lucky!

Let your taste buds bloom in the tea room!

You must try our refreshing, ice cold homemade lavender lemonade with a slice of lavender with lemon cake! We have a variety of different kinds of homemade lemonades infused with herbs, as well as lots of muffins and cakes.

The Butterfly Hatchery

Every summer, we find lots of tiny caterpillars and we keep them in a hatchery, where they munch on fennel, turn into cocoons and eventually transform into beautiful Swallowtail butterflies. Click on the butterfly to watch a short video of butterfly breeding at Cyherbia.

Wondering what to do in Cyprus? Have a look at the unique experiences we offer at Cyherbia. Discover Cypriot Herbs, Mediterranean vegetarian dishes and find fairies in the Fairy Village. Get creative at our fun workshops and spend an entire at our big festivals and events with fun activities!

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