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Lavender tea has so many uses, one could write an entire book to list them all! You can use it as tea, as seasoning in cooking and baking and even for skincare!

What is lavender tea good for?

This sweet and relaxing herb has many health benefits:

  • Mild antidepressant, relieves stress, anxiety & headaches
  • Relieves muscular pain
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Use cold lavender tea as an excellent skin tonic & to relieve sunburn

How can I use lavender tea in cooking?

  • Season a little bit of lavender in roast lamb and marinades
  • Transform your baked potatoes, seasoned with lavender
  • Make a strong brew of lavender tea, let it cool down and add it to your mixture for cookies, cakes and muffins
  • Make lemonade and ice cream, simply add a strong brew of lavender tea to any recipe

Lavender tea preparation: Use one teaspoon of herb per cup. Let it brew for 4-5 minutes. For a strong brew, add a lot more lavender as to get a very dark colour and strong smell. Then let it cool down and add it to your cooking mixture.

Approximate weight: 35gr. The weight varies depending on the density of the herb.


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