Yoga & dance therapy workshop 2 & 3 July 2022

Yoga & dance therapy workshop by the lavender field

  • Yoga & dance therapy workshop in English on Saturday, July 2nd

  • Yoga & dance therapy workshop in Russian on Sunday, July 3rd.

We invite you to take part in this amazing yoga & dance therapy workshop with Sofia-Zlata Shestakovskaya in the shaded Woodland by the lavender field! The workshop takes place in the ideal set and setting of the intoxicating and relaxing aroma and view of the lavender garden with Sofia’s selection of sound. 

We spend most of our lives ‘in our heads’ – thinking with our brain, rather than feeling with our body. Our body lives with us every single moment – through childhood, romances, traumatic experiences. Yet, most of us don’t inquire where those memories physically exist in us. When we move, we usually have someone telling us how to move, when and where. This takes away the ability to listen to our body, allow it to have a choice and experience pleasure in every moment.

During the practice we...

  • Use techniques for mindfulness, body awareness and tension release to focus on our inner experience as we move and expand our internal awareness
  • Focus on signals coming from deep within, observing our body’s needs
  • Learn to let the body take control – do what it wants to do This allows to reclaim the ability to make our own choices about our bodies, to notice patterns and allow them to change.


THIS EVENT IS A SAFE SPACE: We ask you to listen to your body. The exercises are simple, but you can scale down if something seems difficult or the body doesn’t feel like doing it

Location: Cyherbia’s Woodland area next to the lavender garden


  • Saturday, July 2nd in ENGLISH
  • Sunday, July 3rd in RUSSIAN

Workshop Tickets: Sold at the tickets office at the entrance of Cyherbia, inside the park. 10 euro per person. Standard ticket fees apply, 6 euro for adults (13+yrs) and 3 euro for children (6-12yrs). Children under 5yrs are free. Enjoy a complimentary cup of refreshing herbal ice tea in the Botanicus Bistro.

To book, please send us an email: or contact us on our social media.

Your teacher: Sofia-Zlata Shestakovskaya

Sofia-Zlata Shestakovskaya grew up in Cyprus.
Started meditation in India at the age of 16 and got a Preksha meditation diploma a few years after that. Completed a 200+hrs yoga course in Moscow and established Motivation Station – a platform for self inquiry though the body, mind and everything that connects them. For the past two years has been actively teaching and creating online and offline events for people of all ages and genders to explore and accept themselves.
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