Wild Greens Workshop

On Sunday 23/02/20 Cyherbia hosted a FREE practical workshop about the wild edible plants of Cyprus. 

In springtime there are plenty of edible plants that are growing in abundance all over the island. 

These year at the free workshop all participants were receiving information on their health benefits.

Moreover, the learnt how to identify, prepare and cook the various greens

In this practical workshop they’ve also tasted some baked goodies made with wild herbs.

wild edible plants of Cyprus cooked at Cyherbia

Additionally, they received an ebook with all the information and Cyherbia’s own original recipes with wild edible plants of Cyprus, to try at home.
Normal entrance fees applied ( 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. Under 5’s free).

Also, whilst people were at Cyherbia, they took the Maze challenges with theif families to find the way out, as well as the 7 hidden birds!

Moreover, the herb gardens and Woodland Walk around Cyprus ware open and offered a relaxing aromatic walk in their natural surroundings. New educational activities were available for kids.

Wild Edible Plants of Cyprus

People cooking wild edible plants of Cyprus

In the tea room people were enjoying our herbal teas, coffee and healthy lunches, whilst the herb shop offered a rich selection of herbal products made at Cyherbia.

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