The Woodland

Hundreds of Cypress trees form the outline of the island. You can walk around Cyprus in 20 minutes and discover the indigenous trees and shrubs, as well as the island’s ‘seven wonders’, which are the main places of cultural heritage in or near the coastal cities. At these places you can orientate yourself as to where you are on the map. The woodland provides sanctuary to a variety of local wildlife, such as birds, insects and lizards. You will also find the Fairy Village in this area and make a wish there!

The Fairy Village

Discover the Fairy Village and the Cottage as you walk in the Woodland! 

How many fairies and magical creatures can you spot?

Write your wish on a piece of paper, fold it and put it inside the fairies' post box!

As you walk in the woodland, you will eventually get to the fairy village. Each fairy house is handmade. Can you guess what kind of fairy lives in each one? You will see mushroom steps, wooden bridges, flower swings, hedgehogs and many magical creatures. 

The Cottage

Every season this wooden cottage is decorated with a different theme, especially during our annual festivals.

During the fairy festival, the cottage is decorated with flowers, moss, fairies and treasures!

The perfect photo opportunity setting with real pumpkins during Halloween and Pumpkin Carving in October.

Entering the spooky cottage on the Halloween weekend in October! Beware of the grim reaper, the spiders and poison bottles inside!

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