The one and only maze in Cyprus! Can you find your way out?

Challenge yourself to find seven hidden birds in the maze, as well as your way out with your friends and family. When you get your entrance tickets, children will get an educational game sheet that can be played in all areas of the park. As you enter the maze, you will notice there are signs of different protected birds of Cyprus in corners and dead ends. Identify them on your game sheet. Can you see the tall watch tower in the distance? Try to get to the watch tower first. It’s a great view point of the maze above, you can take cool pictures and find the way out. 

This is the only Hedge Maze in Cyprus, with over 600m of twisting paths in between tall hedges. It is 2000 square metres of green space. 

Quest for children: Find the hidden birds inside the maze

The maze is a fun challenge for all ages! Fun fact is, children find their way out of a maze the quickest! The fun challenge we give for all families is: a scavenger hunt quest to find the 7 protected bird of Cyprus in the maze. When you find all birds and the exit, the quest will take you to the Woodland, where you will have more fun activities to do. You will identify endemic trees and bushes, discover the fairy village and the ‘Witch Cottage’ and more.

Plus, if you love making travel videos, you can bring your drone with you to snap gorgeous aerial shots of the park!

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Cyherbia Botanical Park transforms with each season, offering a kaleidoscope of natural beauty. Winter blankets the park in lush greenery, rejuvenated by the rain. Spring bursts forth with a symphony of vibrant flowers, painting the landscape with lively hues. Summer unveils the serene charm of lavender gardens, casting a tranquil and dreamy purple spell. Then, as autumn arrives, the park dons a captivating orange ensemble, adorned with the cheerful presence of pumpkins. With every season, Cyherbia Botanical Park offers a unique and captivating experience, inviting visitors to witness nature’s ever-changing artistry throughout the year.

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