Tea Tasting at Cyherbia Botanical Park in Avgorou, Cyprus! Taste different aromatic and healing herbs, in the Botanicus Bistro, overlooking the beautiful herb gardens.

Tea Tasting at Cyherbia


Sit back, relax and taste unique herbal teas in the Botanicus Bistro overlooking the beautiful herb gardens
Aromatic and Tasty Herbs
From our herb gardens to your cup of tea! Get to know the Cypriot & Mediterranean herbs up close!
Find your way out of the maze!
Enjoy a relaxing walk in the Herb Gardens, find your way out of the Maze and do the 'Walk of Cyprus' in the Woodland!

Come for free tea tasting at Cyherbia!

You will find us inside the Botanicus Bistro, at Cyherbia Botanical Park. During tea tasting at Cyherbia, you can taste from a variety of delicious and aromatic herbal teas. Discover what herbs grow in Cyprus and what their health benefits are. Sit back, relax and enjoy the beautiful view of the herb gardens with fresh dishes inspired by Cypriot & Mediterranean cuisine.

At Cyherbia Botanical Park, you can go for a walk in the Herb Gardens, find your way out of the Maze and do the ‘Walk of Cyprus’in the Woodland. Also, fun and educational activities for kids in the whole park. Visit the distillation room and see how we extract essential oil from our herbs!

free tea tasting at cyherbia botanical park


Join us on Saturday 28 & on Sunday 29 of May for FREE tea tasting at Cyherbia. Discover the aromatic Mediterranean and Cypriot herbs. Learn more about what herbs grow in Cyprus. What herbs can we drink for stomach pain? Which herbs help us relax or energize us? Are there any herbs that can help us sleep or strengthen the immune system? The answer to all your questions is YES! Join us for tea tasting at Cyherbia to try them! 

Kids can make their own soap at the Soap Making Workshop!

From 10am – 5pm kids can have fun making soaps! Using natural ingredients and Cyherbia’s premium fragrances & essential oils. The workshop takes between 15 to 30 minutes. Price: 6 euro

Cyherbia Botanical Park is a unique experience for the whole family! Get out in nature, do fun activities and learn new things! Do you want to be notified about workshops and events like this? 

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