Reconnect with Nature Workshop

Reconnect with nature means reconnecting with the plant’s spirits. As you have a spirit, so does every living thing. Plants have spirits that call to us, if we listen hard enough. By simply going back to nature, to our ancient roots, we become aware of the fact that we are one union with all of life. We are reminded that we should treat plants with love and respect. Research has shown that plants have feelings, intelligence and can sense our energy and intentions and respond to our actions.
Plant spirit shamanism passes on from generation to generation in the folklore, rituals and spiritual teachings of all traditional healers. Healers from the the Amazon, folk healers of Europe, homeopathic, flower essence practitioners and herbalists all connect with plant spirits. These traditional healers believe that the beginnings of disease originate from an imbalance or disharmony in our emotional and spiritual bodies and that plants are effective in healing these bodies.

“The roots we have with mother nature run deep. we need never to feel lost or alone, for we are one with all living things around us.”

Join us on a journey in the home of the plant people to reconnect with nature and plants and learn from them. Walk into the enchanting woodland and the herb gardens with Herbalist Miranda Tringis. With Miranda, you will connect with the plant spirits of herbs and trees and learn more about their historical spiritual uses and powers. You will have time to connect with each plant and tree on a spiritual level and Miranda shows you how to do that. 

During the "Reconnect with Nature" workshop, you will:

  • Learn to listen to the call of plants
  • Learn the technique of gazing
  • Find your plant spirit ally
  • Discover plant spirit energies
  • The planetary associations of plants
  • Plant spirit elements and symbolism
  • Learn about physical, emotional and spiritual healing
  • Experience emotional vulnerability
  • Inner cleansing

At the end of the workshop, you will have time to reflect on your experience. After that, you can share your experience with other people from the group and with Miranda. This is a great opportunity for you to meet other people who are open-minded and open-hearted as your wonderful self. Get hydrated with delicious, freshly made herbal ice tea and take your time to enjoy being in our wonderful park.

People from our previous workshops have shared that they connected with one or two plants on a spiritual level, they heard their calling. They have also felt divine love around them, which filled them with light and love inside their hearts. These and more beautiful feelings and revelations come up into each individual during this incredible workshop. 


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