Get beautiful, professional photos of you, your family and friends at Cyherbia Botanical Park!

Unforgettable moments with your family captured in the gorgeous lavender garden by our resident professional photographer, Melina! 

Summer calls for photoshoots in the Lavender Gardens

Experience the feeling of being THE Lavender Queen this Summer!

How? You can wear one of the gorgeous, long dresses with a train, available in turquoise, yellow & purple. There are also lavender flower crowns available to finish the look!

The Lavender Photoshoot is a unique experience you take with you!

What I do: Family photos, couple photos, surprise proposals, bridal photos & group photos with friends!

Get the Lavender Queen look! Style yourself with a showstopping long train dress and flower crown inside the lavender gardens. Already have some outfit ideas you wanna show off? Pack your bag with your clothes and bring them with you! Why not bring your best friend and have a photoshoot together? 

You can see the props I have available for use during the photoshoot in my portfolio. These one size dresses each have a long train, they are super soft and flowy and they come in vibrant colours of turquoise, purple and yellow. 

Hi! I am Melina. Let me introduce myself!

Hello and welcome! We may be strangers, but I hope to give you an idea of who I am and what I do!

I am the Head of Digital Marketing at my family business, Cyherbia! I am also a professional photographer since 2013.

My passion for photography started when I was just 14 years old! I started off by taking pictures of my friends and classmates and directing concept photoshoots. After my BA in Photography, I started my two careers – Cyherbia and being a freelance photographer.

I have met people from all over the world, captured incredibly wholesome moments and I have helped hundreds of people feel confident and naturally beautiful. My goal as a photographer goes deeper than creating beautiful pictures. During every photoshoot, I seek for wholesome moments of people connecting with each other but also with their own self!  

With my creative direction, I help people pose and show off their beauty, while the golden hour brings out their natural GLOW, I get what I seek to capture: my client’s shift in confidence and self love! 

My clients always tell me how much fun they have during the photoshoot, while also being immersed in the majestic colours and tranquil aroma of lavender. Have a look at my portfolio below to get an idea of what my photos look like. 

Lavender Photoshoot Portfolio

What to wear during the photoshoot in the lavender gardens:

  • During the photoshoot, you can wear the long dresses with train, and/or wear your own outfits
  • Best colours to wear are: pastel (blue, yellow, purple) and neutral colours such as white & cream.
  • Avoid wearing red and black!

Photoshoot packages

Classic Package

  • Photoshoot Duration: 30-40min
  • 15 edited photos
  • You can wear props: Any dress of your choice & flower crown included

Deluxe Package

  • Photoshoot Duration: 1h
  • 20 edited photos
  • You can wear props: Any dress of your choice & flower crown included

Ultimate Package

  • Photoshoot Duration: 1h 30m
  • 30 edited photos
  • You can wear props: Any dress of your choice & flower crown included

For prices, please get in touch with me on my facebook page, by clicking the button below.

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