Tea Mix for Intestines BIO


Tea Mix for Intestines BIO helps to relieve intestinal upsets, bloating, inflammation of the intestines and aids digestion. Tea Mix for Intestines BIO is made of mint, fennel, oregano, calendula and lemon balm. As the name suggests, this herbal blend promote intestinal health. 

What is Tea Mix for Intestines BIO good for?

  • May help people who struggle with IBS symptoms
  • Balances pH in the intestines
  • Helps the intestines to function properly and may relieve infections
  • Promotes digestion and relieves swelling

Suggested preparation: Use one teaspoon per cup. Let it brew for 4-5 minutes. Then, strain and drink.

Approximate weight: 50g. The weight varies depending on the density of the herb.

Weight 0.05 g


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