Small White Sage Smudge Stick


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This small white sage smudge stick is ideal for energetically clearing negativity in your home and within yourself.

What is a smudge stick used for?

Smudge sticks are used for smudging ceremonies in many different cultures around the world. These ceremonies are for energy clearing, ridding off negativity and inviting positive energy and transformation. Indeed, you can use white sage smudge stick for clearing energy in your home and to clear your own energy. When you feel that the energy in your home needs uplifting and clearing then you should definitely smudge.

How do you burn a smudge stick?

To burn a smudge stick, you need a bowl with a little bit of water inside and a lighter. Notice you are using the 3 elements of: air, water and fire. Additionally, turn on some music to set the mood. You are ready to start smudging!  Hold your smudge stick and start burning the end leaves with a lighter. Lightly blow it and it should start to smoke. Make sure you hold the white sage smudge stick over your bowl so that the burning leaves fall inside the bowl.

How do I smudge my house?

Firstly, open all the doors and windows in your home. Start walking clockwise around your house mindfully. Hold the bowl of water underneath your smudge stick the entire time. Smudge every corner of your home, every room on every floor. Invite positive energy in your home and within you. Additionally, invite in love and light in your home and send the negative energy away with the smoke. When your white sage smudge stick is nearly burning out, make your way back to your front door and put out the sage in the water inside the bowl. Lastly, give thanks and keep your windows open to let the smoke make its way out naturally. Smudging may take between 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how fast the smudge stick burns.


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