Head Lice Repellent Spray


Mother nature knows best when it comes to repelling bad bugs. This head lice spray is ideal for children and adults. Spray it before taking the kids to school, to prevent them getting lice. As a treatment, spray the scalp in the morning and leave in.  At night time, spray all over the scalp and massage it through the hair, wrap hair with a hair net or towel and place a towel over the pillow. Make sure to wash the towel and pillow case every day.

Ingredients: oregano hydrosol, bay laurel hydrosol, oregano essential oil, tea tree essential oil, emulsifier. Keep away from eyes and mouth. Use to prevent head lice and as a treatment. Spray and massage all over the scalp and brush through the hair thoroughly. Do not wash hair after spraying. Leave in for 8-12 hours.

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