What is the difference between hydrosol and hydrolate?

Hydrosol and hydrolate are essentially names for distilled floral water, or aromatic distilled water. During the distillation process, we get two products out of the fresh plant material. The first is the hydrosol and then comes the essential oil. We separate the two products many times in order to have pure essential oil, without traces of hydrolate . In the old days, hydrosol used to be thrown away, because it was thought to not be useful. When aromatherapy became popular, hydrosols were known as floral water. The hydrosol from a herb has the same properties as the essential oil. Botanical Hydrosols can be used undiluted on the skin, whereas essential oils need to be diluted with carrier oil. Because the hydrosol is distilled water, you can use it as a moisturizing and cleaning spray on the face and body.

How do you distill Hydrosols?

In our distillation room, we have two essential oil extractors. First we cut fresh herbs from our botanical gardens and we fill the essential oil extractors. The essential oil and hydrosol are extracted with steam and get separated after. The distillation process takes about an hour to complete.

What are Hydrosols used for?

Hydrosols have many uses. To illustrate, we make botanical hydrosols from lavender, rosemary, bay laurel, oregano and thyme. Each botanical hydrosol has its own unique benefits. Namely from throat sprays, to face tonics, and refreshing meal dressings! Every herb has therapeutic powers, relaxing aromas and unique taste. Lavender hydrosol has many uses and we make many products with it. Firstly, it is a gentle face cleanser and skin tonic. Secondly, spray it on your face before using makeup. Thirdly, keep it in the fridge during summer, gently spray it over your skin as an after sun. Additionally, a spoonful of lavender hydrosol twice a week helps with digestion. Spray some Lavender Moments on your bed linen or pillow as a sweet goodnight-kiss scent as you fall asleep.

Ofcourse, a generous amount of Hair Growth Tonic with bay laurel and rosemary hydrosol on your scalp to promote stronger hair growth. Our Throat Spray with thyme and oregano hydrosol can be used as gargle and throat spray to combat infection. You can also spray it on your chest to relieve congestion and heal a lung infection.

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