Herbal Teas
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The premium quality of Cyherbia’s herbal teas is phenomenal. Harvested from our botanical gardens, each tea bag is handpacked with care. With the warm climate and rich earth, our organic Mediterranean herbs contain powerful healing properties.

NATURAL 100% delicious and therapeutic herbal teas

Seasonal herbs are harvested from our gardens, cut and dried in our drying room on site. After that, each bag is filled with loose herbs. We combine herbs from carefully picked sources, resulting in beautiful premium teas with rich flavour. Cyprus has a huge range of therapeutic herbs. When you visit Cyherbia, you will learn more about the medicinal properties of our herbs.

Each herbal tea has a blend that tastes different and has its own multi-uses and wellness benefits.

Herbal Teas Preparation Tips To Fascinate Your Five Senses:
At Cyherbia, there is a reason we make tea bags from whole leaves. Lose tea bags with whole leaves have higher quality, rich flavour and strong aroma than tea bags made from ‘dust’ or particles of tea. Moreover, you get the most healing properties out of lose leaves for a more therapeutic brew. You can use a tea infuser, tea pot or even a filter coffee pot. The preparation of tea in an infusion tea pot is a ritual within itself. The visual movement of whole leaves unfurling, while they change colours as they steep helps you relax. Light up a candle or incense and listen to your go-to playlist to unwind. Simply add 1-2 teaspoons herbal teas into a tea infusion pot with hot water. Leave to infuse for 10 minutes, then strain and enjoy every sip!