Flower Essences

Flower essences help transform attitudes, behaviours and emotions to restore a positive state of wellness and awareness.

What are flower essences?

Flower Essences blessed with plant spirit, heal your chakras and feed your soul. To make flower essences, we harvest the flower tops of plants with their permission. We avoid physical touch of our hands so our energy doesn’t affect the plant’s energy. We use sterilized cutters to cut the flowers and the flowers fall into a basket. The harvested flowers brew in the sun all day, in a glass bowl with spring water. During full moon, the flowers get charged all night under the full moon’s energy. We then strain the flowers and add them in a glass bottle with 50% flower essence and 50% brandy.

Do flower essences work?

Each flower essence has its plant spirit healing power. Plants have the power to not only heal us physically, but they can also heal us emotionally and elevate our spirit. We feel more connected and grounded when we come back to nature, surrounded by trees and flowers. Often we feel that the forest calls us back and flowers speak to us. It is true. Humans, animals, plants, the elements we all are living beings with spirit. Energy is soaked in the elements and we use water to collect the sun’s energy with the flower’s spirit energy. The essences we make are chamomile, hawthorn, lavender and sage. Each flower essence has its own unique benefits. Lavender Flower essence balances the over stimulated and the hyper sensitive mind and heart. Sage Flower Essence enlightens you with wisdom and connects you to your higher self. Hawthorn Flower Essence aids a broken heart, sorrow and gives you the strength to forgive. Chamomile Flower Essence brings peace and sunshine to relieve anxiety, fear and worry.

What is the difference between flower essences and essential oils?

Flower essences are unrelated to essential oils or tinctures. In contrast to essential oils and tinctures which work on healing physical problems and improving health, they work on our emotional and spiritual side.

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