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In the Botanicus Bistro, at Cyherbia Botanical Park, we use Mediterranean & Cypriot herbs in every meal. We believe that oregano, marjoram, basil, mint, lemon verbena & lavender are a luxury! They make every meal more nutritious & delicious!

What cooking herbs grow in Cyprus?
Add herbs & spices in your cooking for flavour, aroma and make your food richer. In Cyprus, cooking herbs are used in every dish. Traditional Cypriot food contains top quality olive oil and Cypriot herbs. Namely, the Cypriot herbs are oregano, marjoram, fennel, rosemary, bay leaf, basil and tarragon. Consequently, when you use herbs in your cooking, you get the therapeutic benefits inside your meal! Cooking herbs help us digest our food easily and prevent bloating.
From our carob trees we make our own syrup, which has a naturally sweet taste like chocolate. Indeed, there are many ways to use carob syrup as an alternative to chocolate. To begin with, you can use it for a healthy hot chocolate and dessert topping. Further, carob syrup can help with digestion and it acts as a mild natural laxative. Ofcourse, at Cyherbia you can taste our unique carob muffins, made with our own carob syrup. Undoubtedly, the ‘secret ingredient’ of our cooking in Cyherbia’s kitchen comes from our own gardens! We use all kinds of fresh and dried herbs to complete every dish.

Which herb is used for cooking in Cyprus?
Sprinkle Cyprus herbs on top of salad, meat and fish dishes. You will find a wide range of other spices too, like warming turmeric and cinnamon. Turmeric is a great spice to add to your cooking to boost your immune system. Moreover, we make an excellent mix for coffee topping with cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg and ginger. Undeniably, this is perfect for making your own pumpkin spice coffee at home! Our customers love our unique lemonades and cooking ideas. Our most popular drink is Lavender Lemonade. Truly, it is sweet, refreshing and helps you relax! The squash is available in our online store and on site.