Lavender Festival June 9th – 24th 2018 Workshops and demonstrations included: *Essential oil extraction with presentation on the benefits of lavender, Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 and 15:00.  *Creative workshops: make a lavender wand, lavender window hanger, candle holder, mini tree, or dreamcatcher Saturdays and Sundays at 11:00 and 16:00. No booking required. * Cooking with lavender demonstration Saturdays and Sundays at 15:00 No booking required. * Lavender meditation workshop Photoshoots in lavender, with our resident photographer Melina Tringis. Image may contain: text Tο Bοτανικό Πάρκο Cyherbia και η Golden Donkeys Farm συνδιοργάνωσαν το 2ο Φιλανθρωπικό Φεστιβάλ Βότανα & Γαϊδουράκια, στο χώρο της Golden Donkeys Farm στη Σκαρίνου με τη συμμετοχή του Συλλόγου Γυναικών Υπαίθρου Λάρνακας, στις 24 και 25 Μαρτίου 2018. Δωρεάν δοκιμές: * Τσάγια με βότανα * Γάλα γαϊδούρας * Κρασί * Αρτοσκευάσματα με βότανα * Και πολλές παραδοσιακές λιχουδιές  * Έκθεση βοτάνων και προϊόντων από ελιά, αμυγδαλιά, χαρουπιά, σταφύλι, μέλι -συνταγές που θα καταπλήξουν! Διαλέξεις: * Βότανα της Κύπρου– χρήσεις και οφέλη για την υγεία, από την βοτανολόγο Μιράντα Τριγγή * Ο κόσμος του Γαϊδουριού -η ιστορία των όμορφων ζώων από τον ιδιοκτήτη της φάρμας Πιερή Γεωργιάδη  Για τα παιδιά: •Αφήγηση παραμυθιού και Θεατρικό παιχνίδι •Βιωματικό εργαστήριο αρτοδημιουργιών με βότανα •Χειροτεχνίες •Ζωντανή μουσική τη Κυριακή με τα «Αιγαιοπελαγίτικα» και τη Βάσω Νικολή  Cyherbia Botanical Park and Golden Donkeys Farm collaborated and created the 2nd Herbs & Donkeys Festival, on the 24th & 25th of March, at Golden Donkeys Farm in Skarinou. Celebrated and presented local products of Cyprus, and hosted many activities. Free tastings: *Herbal teas *Donkey milk *Wine *Baked goodies with herbs  Exhibition of local products: herbs, olive, carob, honey and almond products Presentations: Herbs of Cyprus – uses and health benefits, by herbalist Miranda Tringis ‘A Donkey’s World’ – a peek into the life of these amazing animals, by the owner of Golden Donkeys Farm Pieris Georgiades For kids: Storytelling and theatre games Baking workshop with herbs Crafts Live music on Sunday with Vaso Nikoli and “Aigaiopelagitika’ Image may contain: one or more people, sky, flower, outdoor and nature On Saturday the 31st of March 2018, we had some loving self-care practices. We started the day at 10am with a detox yoga session with Mike Lytras in the tranquil surroundings of the woodland, followed by a herbal tea break. The yoga class was suitable for beginners too! Later on, we had the following workshops: Juicing with Hatzy Joyce: how to effortlessly lose weight and cleanse our body and skin at the same time with simple home made smoothies and juices.  Detox Bath Salts and Body Scrub with Vikki Fallaw: Vikki showed us how to make our very own detox bath salts with essential oils, as well as a detox body scrub with all natural ingredients. In this workshop, everyone got to make their very own bath salts and jar of body scrub to take home.  Smudge Sticks and How To Smudge Your Self and Home with Melina Tringis: We made our own herbal smudge stick to spiritually cleanse our home, our work space and ourselves. Smudging is an ancient practice in many cultures, whereby a bundle of sacred herbs is burned to cleanse a space or our own aura. Melina Tringis talked about the characteristics of a variety of herbs and we made a smudge stick with the herbs of our choice. Image may contain: 1 person Perfumery Masterclass 25 March 2018 Dr. Catherine Demetriades is a Multi-Scientist, Alchemist, Inventor, Egyptologist and Mystic. Her bio fills many pages of scientific accomplishments in the field of artificial intelligence and quantum physics, as well as in world of DNA and Karmic Emotions. One of Catherine’s greatest passions is Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and Alchemy. She has studied the herbs and flowers the Pharaoh’s used in their perfume magic for many years, connecting the unseen world to the physical one through scent. She now mentors people who wish to unlock the secrets of the ancients through powerful perfume magic.  Catherine has kindly agreed to teach a unique day masterclass on the art of ancient perfumery, using the precious oils of Egypt. In this masterclass she taught us how to make our own signature perfume. We learned the basic principles of perfumery and essential oil blending, about the medicinal, emotional and spiritual properties of the essential oils and how to choose the scents which suited and empowered us best. Detailed handouts were given to take home with us for reference.  Image may contain: plant and nature Τα άγρια χόρτα της Κύπρου – Wild greens of Cyprus 10th and 11th February 2018. Cyherbia hosted a FREE practical workshop about the wild edible greens of Cyprus, which were growing in abundance all over the island in winter time, on Saturday 10/2 in ENGLISH and Sunday 11/2/2018 in GREEK, from 12:00 till 13:30. During these days visitors: * Received information on their health benefits * Learned how to identify, prepare and cook the various greens in our practical workshop * Tasted some baked goodies made with wild herbs * Received an ebook with all the information and Cyherbia’s own original recipes with wild greens to try at home Normal entrance fees applied: 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children. Under 5’s free. Image may contain: grass, sky, tree, outdoor and nature Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th of January 2018 we had distillations for rosemary essential oil extraction and presentation on the uses and benefits of rosemary oil.  Tο Σαββατοκύριακο 6 & 7 Ιανουαρίου 2018 παρακολουθήσαμε τη διαδικασία απόσταξης αιθέριου ελαίου από δεντρολίβανο και ενημερωθήκαμε για τις χρήσεις και τα οφέλη του δεντρολίβανου.  Christmas at Cyherbia December 16-17 2017.
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