Annual Events

Every season, you can look forward to a unique experience in nature, especially during our epic fantasy events and Festivals in Cyprus.

Cyherbia Botanical Park stands as a vibrant testament to nature’s wonders and the enchanting world of botanical beauty. Nestled in the heart of Cyprus, this captivating park is not only a sanctuary for plant enthusiasts but also a hub for some of the island’s biggest festivals in Cyprus. Throughout the year, Cyherbia Botanical Park hosts a mesmerizing array of annual events, workshops, and educational visits that transport visitors into a world where magic and nature intertwine seamlessly.

As January’s chill subsides, the park invites nature lovers to partake in the age-old tradition of foraging wild greens. This annual event teaches visitors the art of sustainable foraging while immersing them in the serene, lush surroundings of the park. It’s a chance to connect with nature at its purest, as the landscape awakens from its winter slumber.

With the arrival of spring, Cyherbia transforms into a realm straight out of fairytales. Visitors can wander through the blooming gardens and enchanted forests, encountering whimsical characters and delightful surprises at every turn. This is a season of wonder and awe, as the park bursts to life in a kaleidoscope of colors and fragrances.

Summer brings with it a celebration of the queen of herbs, a time when the park’s aromatic lavender fields are in full bloom. The Lavender Festival is a sensory delight, offering visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the soothing scent and vibrant purple hues of this cherished herb. Educational workshops and guided tours provide insight into the myriad uses and benefits of lavender.

Autumn descends upon Cyherbia with the arrival of Halloween, and the park becomes a magical landscape filled with pumpkins and eerie delights. Visitors can explore the mystical maze, carve pumpkins, and join in the festivities of this spooky season. It’s a time when the boundary between the ordinary and the supernatural blurs, creating an atmosphere of fun and enchantment.

In Winter, visitors can take part in creative Christmas Wreath making and attend the big family Christmas Festival. All areas of the park are beautifully decorated! The cottage in the Woodland becomes Santa’s Grotto and the maze and the woodland are filled with holiday-themed activities!

What sets Cyherbia Botanical Park’s festivals apart are the meticulous attention to detail and creativity that go into their curation. Each festival is a visual feast, with the park’s spaces transformed into realms of wonder. From the mysterious woodland to the whimsical witch’s cottage and the captivating maze, every corner of the park is adorned with the unique theme of each festival, creating a truly immersive experience.

Moreover, the park’s festivals are not limited to mere aesthetics. Role-play performers, interactive games, storytelling adventures, and creative workshops enrich the experience, ensuring that visitors of all ages are engaged and enthralled. Cyherbia’s commitment to education and sustainability shines through, as each festival serves as a platform to impart knowledge about the natural world and its mysteries.

In summary, Cyherbia Botanical Park is more than just a beautiful garden; it’s a place where magic meets nature, and every season brings a new enchanting experience. With a diverse range of festivals, workshops, and educational activities, the park offers a unique opportunity to explore the wonders of the natural world while indulging in the thrill of immersive storytelling and creative expression. Whether you’re foraging wild greens, stepping into a fairytale, celebrating the queen of herbs, or carving pumpkins, Cyherbia Botanical Park promises a year-round journey into the extraordinary.