Meditation and Movement in Lavender July 13th

Experience connection with the self and nature in the lavender labyrinth through meditation and movement. Veronica and Melina will guide you on a spiritual walk, where you will bond with mother earth and inner psyche on a higher level.

First, we will meditate while walking through lavender with the aim to transform our self to our greatest potential. We will have a moment to send our aspirations, wishes or goals to mother earth.

Then, we will move to explore ways of achieving what we desire and need in life, while being surrounded by lavender.

At the end, we will taste refreshing lavender lemonade and frozen lavender sorbet to fulfill this experience.

Book your place by sending a message to Cyherbia’s Page.
Ticket is €15, which includes the experience, the lavender lemonade and sorbet, as well as the ticket to the entire park. Feel free to come earlier if you want to go to the big maze, woodland or herb garden!

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