Immerse yourself in the intoxicating aroma of Lavender

Every year, the lavender gardens are open until the end of July.

You can visit the lavender gardens without booking. If you would like to book a lavender garden for your photoshoot, you can contact us to book! There are two lavender gardens available for photoshoots. The lavender rows garden inside the forest and the lavender meditation garden inside the herb gardens. If you would like to take your experience to the next level, you can do a transformative meditation & mindfulness walk. Inside the lavender meditation garden, there is a butterfly sculpture. Symbolizing the beauty of change and transformation, we offer a unique written meditation guide for you to practice! The lavender meditation garden is designed to be a labyrinth, which aids to the practice of walking slowly and mindfully. Feeling grounded and relaxed after your walk, you can join us in the fully air conditioned Botanicus Bistro for a complimentary cup of iced herbal tea! 

  • Get a free guided group tour inside the Lavender Gardens and learn more about Lavender
  • Take photos with our decorated table and chairs, mirror and the lavender bicycle
  • Try our elegant lavender lemonade and lavender cake
  • Watch the extraction of Lavender essential oil in our distillation room and learn about the many health and beauty benefits of lavender essential oil, as well as our other oils too
  • Take part in craft workshops using fresh lavender

Every year we add something new to this experience.

 Lavender is in season for only a month, big and purple. After that, it loses its colour and we cut it and extract its intensely sweet and fragrant essential oil. We also make lavender tea bags, lavender linen and room spray, lavender flowers in organza bags to keep your closet fragrant. In our kitchen, we make our delicious and fresh lavender lemonade squash and lavender cake!

We have a special meditation guide for you to try out here too. Enjoy a mindful walk while the lavender softly brushes against your legs. Focus on your breathing and enjoy the relaxing scent of sweet lavender. Relax your eyes with the beautiful colours around you. Listen to the gentle buzz of the bees, ground yourself and feel at one with nature.

As lavender is our most precious and fragile herb, this particular garden is accessible for adults only. There are exceptions for photo shoots. Children must be accompanied by their parents at all times and they are not allowed to run inside this garden. Book a professional photoshoot with our resident photographer. Go on a tour and learn about the benefits and uses of lavender tea and essential oil with one of our staff members.

Meditation in Lavender

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of our meditation guide, a serene journey you can embark on alone or share with friends. Our meditation sessions offer a chance to explore inner peace and mindfulness, enhancing your mental and emotional well-being. Whether you seek solitude or camaraderie, we have you covered.

As the summer sun graces our lavender fields, we invite you to partake in an enchanting tradition: the annual summer solstice celebration. This magical event features the creation of flower mandalas, meticulously crafted from foraged herbs like yarrow, lavender, myrtle, and rosemary. Each year, we introduce unique rituals that add a touch of mysticism to our solstice ceremony.

If you’re an instructor looking for a serene setting to lead meditation classes, our gardens are available for hourly rentals. Embrace the serene ambiance and natural beauty as you guide your students towards inner harmony. Join us in embracing the beauty of nature and the power of mindfulness in every season.

cyherbia's lavender lemonade

Delicious Lavender Sweets

Indulge your senses at the Botanicus Bistro, where a delightful culinary experience awaits. As a special treat, we offer complimentary lavender cookies that blend the floral notes of our own lavender with the sweet allure of baked goods. To quench your thirst and refresh your palate, we proudly present our lavender-infused iced tea, a signature creation that’s sure to captivate your taste buds.

But that’s not all – our bistro takes pride in crafting an array of infused lemonades right on site. Among these delightful options, the Lavender Lemonade reigns as the most unique. Its soft purple hue and enchanting aroma make it a feast for both the eyes and the senses. And not to forget, the lavender infusion adds calming properties to this refreshing beverage, ensuring that your visit to Botanicus Bistro is not just a culinary journey but a soothing, aromatic escape for your mind and soul.

Photoshoots in Lavender

Capture beautiful moments in the picturesque lavender fields with a family, friends, or solo photoshoot. Secure your session with our resident photographer, Melina, and create lasting memories amidst the breathtaking Lavender Gardens.

Are you a professional photographer?

Elevate your photoshoot experience by reserving the Lavender Gardens as your backdrop. These enchanting gardens exude romance and charm, setting the perfect scene for your unforgettable moments. Make your next photoshoot a truly magical and visually captivating experience.

Wondering what to do in Cyprus? Have a look at the unique experiences we offer at Cyherbia. Discover Cypriot Herbs, Mediterranean vegetarian dishes and find fairies in the Fairy Village. Get creative at our fun workshops and spend an entire at our big festivals and events with fun activities!

Lavender Festival Photos from previous years


When are the lavender gardens open?

The gates of the lavender gardens open from June 11th. You can still visit the lavender gardens after the festival, until the end of July. 

I’m a photographer and I would like to hire one of the gardens for a photoshoot. What’s the procedure?

For photoshoots we have 2 lavender gardens. The “Lavender Rows” garden is private and you can book your time slot for it for €30 per hour. The “Lavender Meditation Garden” is a public garden and you will photograph amongst other photographers, including visitors during their tours. Book your time slot for €20 per hour. Give us a call to book your garden of choice.  

If I have my admission ticket and want to take some pictures with my friends and family in the Lavender Gardens, do I have to book?

With your admission ticket, you are free to enter the lavender gardens and take pictures for up to 30 minutes. Professional photoshoots do require hiring the gardens, as a photoshoot takes at least an hour. The lavender gardens are booked fast by many photographers. In order to have your time photoshooting without being disturbed or having a busy background, booking is required. 

Is the park wheelchair accessible?

Most areas of the park are. You can go to the Woodland, the Maze, the themed Herb Gardens, the Botanicus Bistro, the Distillation Room and the Lavender Boutique Shop with a wheelchair or a pram. Unfortunately, the Lavender Gardens are not wheelchair or pram accessible due to the fact that the paths are too narrow, and the earth is not smooth. This can cause damage not only to the wheelchair but also to the lavender plants.

Can I bring my dog?

Dogs are only allowed in the maze and the woodland. Dogs are not allowed in the herb gardens or the lavender garden.