Lavender Gardens

The lavender gardens are open every year during the months of June and July, when Lavender is in all its full bloom glory and we love to celebrate our beloved Lavender with our annual Lavender Festival. The Lavender Garden is designed as a meditation labyrinth with hundreds of fragrant lavender plants and has a wooden Kiosk surrounded by lavender.

This garden is suitable for adults, they can enjoy a meditation walk inside the gardens, have a professional photoshoot with our resident photographer and learn about the benefits and uses of lavender tea and essential oil during a guided tour with one of our staff members.

During the annual Lavender Festival visitors can:

  • Get a free guided tour inside the Lavender Gardens and learn more about Lavender as well as take photos with our decorated table and chairs, mirror and the lavender bicycle.
  • Try our elegant lavender lemonade and lavender cake
  • Watch the extraction of Lavender essential oil in our distillation room and learn about the many health and beauty benefits of lavender essential oil, as well as our other oils too
  • Take part in craft workshops using fresh lavender

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