The Lavender Festival celebrates the Queen of Herbs

The 12th Annual Lavender Festival at Cyherbia Botanical Park in Avgorou, takes place in June & July in 2024. The park is open from 9:00am- 20:30pm during the festival. Cyherbia is the only place in Cyprus with specially landscaped lavender gardens, a lavender labyrinth for meditation walks, a distillation room where extraction of lavender essential oil takes place, and many other unique features for all the family, such as the maze, the woodland walk around Cyprus, and the fairy village. A celebration of the most aromatic of all herbs, the Lavender Season is the absolute highlight of the herbal calendar.

Activities included with your Lavender Festival Admission Ticket:

  • Witness the extraction of Lavender essential oil
  • Listen to informative talks on lavender’s many benefits, in English, Greek and Russian during a tour
  • Join the fragrant processing of lavender
  • Taste a complimentary refreshing ice tea and lavender cookie
  • Kids activities include a scavenger hunt game sheet to play in the herb gardens, maze & woodland

Go on a tour in the lavender gardens

At Cyherbia Lavender Festival you can go on a guided tour inside the lavender gardens. Our guides speak greek, english and russian. You will learn about the type of lavender we grow, the purpose of the unique design of our lavender gardens, the benefits of lavender used in tea, cooking and essential oil uses.

cyherbia's lavender lemonade

Taste Lavender

Try our famous home made lavender lemonade and lavender cake! When you purchase your ticket you will get a complimentary cup of herbal ice tea and a homemade lavender cookie to taste, in the tea room.

Witness lavender oil extraction

Have a look in the distillation room, one of our staff will show you the distillation process of extracting lavender essential oil and hydrosol. Learn about the benefits of lavender essential oil and hydrosol for well-being and aromatherapy.

Take part in special workshops during Lavender Festival!

Craft workshops for all ages

  • make fairy wish bottle
  • soap workshop
  • beeswax candle workshop

Cosmetics Workshop for teens & adults

  • Learn how to make easy & natural cosmetics with ingredients you may already have at home
  • Get your hands on premium essential oils & incorporate them in your cosmetics making
  • Create your own personalised  line of cosmetics to take home with you

Family Photoshoots in Lavender

Take your experience to the next level by booking a photoshoot in the lavender gardens with our resident photographer.

Are you a professional photographer?

Mark your calendar for June & July 2024 to use the lush Lavender Gardens as your go-to location for your clients!

These are some of the lavender products you will see in our shop. We make over 30 products with lavender!

Lavender Essential Oil

Pure lavender essential oil distilled in the distillation room

Lavender Hydrolate

Lavender Hydrosol

Pure and organic lavender hydrosol spray

Lavender Moments Gift Box

Lavender Moments Gift Box

The perfect gift with lavender massage oil and a lavender cotton pouch for under your pillow.

Lavender lemonade

Love the lavender lemonade at Cyherbia? Take a bottle of lavender lemonade squash home with you!