The Lavender Festival is the most spectacular event in Cyprus, celebrating our elegant Lavender in its full bloom glory

What to do in Cyprus with all family

Go on a tour in the lavender gardens

At Cyherbia Lavender Festival you can go on a guided tour inside the lavender gardens. Our guides speak greek, english and russian. You will learn about the type of lavender we grow, the purpose of the unique design of our lavender gardens, the benefits of lavender used in tea, cooking and essential oil uses.

Taste Lavender

Try our famous home made lavender lemonade and lavender cake! When you purchase your ticket you will get a complimentary cup of herbal ice tea and a homemade lavender cookie to taste, in the tea room.

Distilation Room

Witness lavender oil extraction

Have a look in the distillation room, one of our staff will show you the distillation process of extracting lavender essential oil and hydrosol. Learn about the benefits of lavender essential oil and hydrosol for well-being and aromatherapy.

The lavender gardens are designed as a meditation labyrinth.

During our Lavender Festival and the whole lavender season you can go on a meditation walk in the lavender gardens. We will give you a written meditation guide which you can follow and at the end of your meditation walk you will be able to write a wish on a piece of paper and place it in the wishing vessels in the middle of the lavender garden.

This meditation invites you to transform parts of your inner world, to release the old and attract the new. 


Lavender Festival at Cyherbia Botanical Park in Avgorou village, starts from Saturday the 12th of June until Sunday the 4th of July 2021. Cyherbia is the only place in Cyprus with specially landscaped lavender gardens, a lavender labyrinth for meditation walks, a distillation room where extraction of lavender essential oil takes place, and many other unique features for all the family, such as the maze, the woodland walk around Cyprus, and the fairy village. A celebration of the most aromatic of all herbs, the Lavender Season is the absolute highlight of the herbal calendar.

During the lavender season you can:

  • Witness the extraction of Lavender essential oil
  • Listen to informative talks on lavender’s many benefits, in English, Greek and Russian
  • Take part in lavender craft workshops for all ages (no need to book in advance)
  • Join the fragrant processing of lavender
  • Sign up for special workshops (book in advance)
  • Join a tour inside the lavender garden
  • Photo shoot in the lavender gardens with photographer Melina (book in advance)
  •  Taste a complimentary refreshing ice tea and lavender cookie

Kids activities include a scavenger hunt and lavender crafts. This is a unique experience for all the family to enjoy. Entrance to Cyherbia Botanical Park 5 euro p.p. Children 3 euros. From June 12th – July 4th. Open daily 9:00- 20:00

Workshops and Activities during Lavender Festival

* Guided tour inside the lavender garden with presentation every day on the hour, from 10:00 until 18:00

*Kids scavenger hunt in the maze and other educational activities in the park, every day, all day

*Essential oil extraction with presentation on the benefits of lavender

  • On Saturday 12th, 19th, 26th of June and 3rd of July from 11:00 until 17:00 12:00
  • On Sunday 13th, 20th, and 27th of June and July 4th from 12:00 until 17:00

*Craft workshops adults and kids. (No booking required)

On Saturday 12th, 19th, and 26th of June, and 3rd of July from 15:00-16:30

On Sunday 13th, 20th, and 27th of June and 4th of July from 15:00-17:30.

  • Macrame wall hanging (15 euro)
  • Lavender fairy wish bottle (2 euro)
  • Lavender crown (4 euro)

*Lavender cosmetics workshop with Melina Tringis

Learn how to make your own cosmetics with all natural ingredients and Cyherbia’s essential oils. Make a face and body scrub, bath tea, hair rinse and aromatherapy blend to take home with you. Teaching in English and Greek. Price €30. Call 0035799915443 to book your place.

On Saturday 12th, 19th, 26th of June and 3rd of July 15:00-16:30

*Yoga Workshop with Nora Meldere  Saturday 12th of June 10:00-11:30

Dynamic flow of yoga connecting movement with the breath. Yoga practice will be based on the Ashtanga Primary Series sequence. You will discover fundamental principles of yoga like specific breathing technique, standing and sitting postures as well as have fun exploring the world upside-down. Workshop is suitable for all fitness levels, beginners are especially celebrated.

Price: 25 euros (including entrance fee to Cyherbia and refreshments) Call 99915443 to book your place

*Guided meditation walk in the lavender labyrinth

Wednesday 16th at 16.30 in Russian, at 17:15 in English, at 18:00 in Greek. Wednesday 23rd at 16.30 in Russian, at 17:15 in English, at 18:00 in Greek.

*Monday 21st of June  Summer Solstice Celebration 18:00-19:30

Join Miranda Tringis in a magical celebration of life on the longest day of the year. We will make a sun tea brew, go on a meditation walk in the lavender garden and make a flower mandala in our sacred space. Immersed in the summer aromas of lavender we’ll spend time with the flowers, deepen our connection to the earth and the divine energies around us. Price 15 euro. Call 99915443 to book your place.

*Saturday 26th of June Workshop: Plant-Based Nutrition for a Happy & Healthy life, with Nora Meldere  10:00-11:30

“vegan” and “plant-based” have become catchy words for driving sales. But what does it take to build a sustainable plant-based food plan that will keep you happy and healthy? In this workshop we will explore:

  • Different approaches to plant-based nutrition
  • Fundamental principles of creating healthy plant-based meals
  • How to get enough of protein, iron, omega3 and other nutrients on plant-based diet
  • What foods to include to feel happy, maintain energy throughout the day, and reduce stress
  • How you can create better world one spoon at the time

Price: 25 euros (including entrance fee to Cyherbia gardens and refreshments) Advance booking required. P.S. You don’t have to be vegan to attend this workshop, having an open and curious mind is required though 🙂 Call 99915443 to book your place.

Cyherbia is situated off the Ormidia- Avgorou Road, exit 63 off A3 highway. Fancy a dreamy photoshoot in the lavender garden? Book your photoshoot with photographer Melina early! All packages include props and lavender lemonade! Space to change outfits is also provided at Cyherbia. Call 99401503 for bookings and pricing. ARE YOU A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER AND WANT TO BOOK A PHOTO SESSION AT CYHERBIA? THEN PLEASE CONTACT US VIA EMAIL OR PHONE. SPECIAL RATES APPLY. PHOTOSHOOTS IN THE LAVENDER GARDEN IS BY BOOKING ONLY.

Book your photoshoot in the lavender gardens with our resident photographer. Do you like these long train dresses in yellow, purple and turquoise? You can hire one or all of these gorgeous long train dresses.

Lavender Festival Photos from previous years

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  2. Lavender Festival 2018 Highlights

  3. Lavender Festival 2019 Highlights

  4. Lavender Festival 2020 Highlights

These are some of the lavender products you will see in our shop. We make over 30 products with lavender!

natural products that you can find at Cyherbia

Lavender Essential Oil

Pure lavender essential oil distilled in the distillation room

Lavender Hydrolate

Lavender Hydrosol

Pure and organic lavender hydrosol spray

Lavender Moments Gift Box

Lavender Moments Gift Box

The perfect gift with lavender massage oil and a lavender cotton pouch for under your pillow.

Lavender lemonade

Love the lavender lemonade at Cyherbia? Take a bottle of lavender lemonade squash home with you!

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