How to Celebrate Halloween in 2023 in Cyprus- 9 Best Ideas!

When Halloween is approaching everybody starts planning! And if you want to plan ahead how to celebrate Halloween 2023 here are 9 best ideas! 

As you know, every year we go all out on fantasy halloween activities and decorations. With pumpkin carving workshops every weekend and the last weekend of October being the fantasy halloween festival, we are busy crafting. 

Here are some fresh ideas to give a twist to traditional halloween crafts and activities!

#1. Pumpkin carving with a twist!

Instead of your traditional scary pumpkin, how about you make a super cute pumpkin fairy house this year? Whether you have made fairy houses before or not, carving a fairy house out of pumpkins is super easy! Carve the top of the pumpkin off, remove the insides of the pumpkin and keep it in a container.

Then draw the outline of the doors and windows and carve them. You can use toothpicks and place them inside the carved windows for a realistic look. You can also carve lines and make your own floral design on them.

pumpkin carved idea to celebrate halloween in 2021
pumpkin carving idea for halloween 2021

This will look perfect in your garden and the autumn fairies will be welcome to live in your pumpkin house!

Keep this idea in mind for when you come to carve your pumpkin at our pumpkin carving workshop! We will provide you with all the materials and show you how you can start carving your pumpkin. After that, you use your imagination and creativity to carve your pumpkin ready for halloween!

#2. Pumpkin Wreath

Autumn themed wreaths decorated with pine cones, pumpkins and dried leaves and berries are super easy to make. You can go out in nature and gather these materials yourself. All you need is wire for the base and decorations. You can also buy gorgeous decorations in shops. When you make the wreath, you can hang it outside your front door or have it as a centerpiece on the dinner table.

pumpkin wreath idea for hallween 2021
pumpkin wreath to create for halloween 2021

#3. How to celebrate Halloween 2023? Spooky Story Telling!

Spooky stories during halloween is a MUST for us at Cyherbia during the Halloween Festival. We’ve had witches, alchemists and fairies do interactive storytelling every year. You can also do this with your kids at home. Grab a spooky children’s book or make up your own story and read it with candlelight, some cookies and milk! To make it extra exciting, you can dress up in Halloween costumes.

Halloween pumpkin curving idea for 2021

#4. Decoupage pumpkin heads

Decoupage pumpkin heads are a great to add to your halloween decorations at home. They also last longer than real pumpkins, as they won’t rot. Make a big decoupaged ball and start painting it. After you paint the base of it you can start to paint the face with just black paint, or carefully carve it with a knife.

#5. Make a Witch Brew

Make your very own witch brew tea! After you strain the tea leaves or remove the tea sachet from your tea pot, you can add some green or luminous yellow food colouring to it et voila! You have just made yourself your very own witch brew. You can make it with your favourite flavour of tea, you can add some fruit, honey, sugar or stevia to it to make it sweeter.

#6. Make pumpkin spice muffins

October is all about doing every day things with added spice!  A super fun activity is making muffins with your kids. Find a muffin recipe and simply add spices to the mix. We have a ready made mix for this, made with cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg. This mix is perfect for making your very own pumpkin spice latte at home too, or add a bit on top of your porridge or yoghurt with muesli breakfast

Halloween Ideas that you won't be doing in 2021

#7. If you are not excited yet how to celebrate Halloween 2023 try this fresh apple picking!

Apple picking is fun for kids, they get to have fun in nature, climb up the tree and play apple bobbing after!

It is so easy to do and so much fun to play in the garden! We love apple bobbing during our Halloween weekend, but due to COVID-19 we won’t be able to do that this year. All you need after you have picked your apples, is a big bowl, fill it with water and try to fish out the apples with your mouth!

#8. Pamper yourself with a witchy bath ritual

Get ready for some me-time with candles around the bath, a good book, wine/tea, fill the bath and simply put the witchy cauldron bath bomb in the water. It fizzes out of the cauldron and all the deliciously scented oils bring out the magic of autumn and fill your bathroom with magic. Turn your self-care ritual and turn it into magic!

#9. Use the pumpkin carving leftovers!

As mentioned above, when you carve a pumpkin you can keep the insides of the pumpkin in a container. You can roast the pumpkin seeds and also dry the skin in the oven, add a little bit of olive oil and pumpkin spice mix to make them extra delicious. These make amazing healthy snacks for when you watch a scary movie at night!

Let us know if you like those 9 ideas on how to celebrate Halloween in 2021!

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