Herbs & Diet For Higher Energy, Better Sleep and Less Stress

Have you been feeling tired during the day and feeling awake when it’s bed time? Do you struggle with fatigue and stress? Would you like to be more focused and sharp at work / studies and have a healthy brain in the long run?

What if we told you that there are natural, healthy, accessible and inexpensive cures for all these issues and more?
Melina Tringis and Elisavet Paraskeva will talk about herbs, diet and nutrition that will increase your energy levels, relieve you of stress and anxiety, improve your mood and help you sleep better!

Come at the Tree of Life Centre in Larnaca on November 30th (Saturday) at 17:00  for an educational afternoon with complimentary cup(s) of herbal tea from Cyherbia! Attendees get FREE entrance tickets to Cyherbia Botanical Park! Entrance Fee €8.

Melina Tringis is a holistic herbal remedy consultant at Cyherbia Botanical Park. Elisavet Paraskeva is clinical dietitian – nutritionist.
The seminar is going to be in english.

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