Halloween & Pumpkin Carving 2020

This year’s October, we had pumpkin carving on three weekends and halloween on the 31st of October and on November 1st. Even though it was challenging for us to organize these workshops and games with Covid-19’s restrictions, we organized every event successfully, with this year’s Covid-19 regulations in place. Over 1200 pumpkins were carved this year and people got to enjoy pumpkin carving and halloween’s activities in all areas of the park. 

At Halloween, children and adults met Vlad, the Vampire in the maze. His bats escaped, the children helped Vlad find them in the maze. There was a CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) game in the Woodland, where visitors solved murder mysteries with their powers of deduction.

pumpkin for Halloween decorations

The Witch Cottage

The Witch’s cottage was beautifully decorated with sunflowers and scarecrows and people took gorgeous photographs with their family, friends and perfect autumn outfits and halloween costumes! On Halloween, children showed off their balancing skills at the broomstick race with the Witch, outside the witch’s cottage. In the herb gardens there were hidden magic potions!

The bookings for pumpkin carving were full this year, due to COVID-19’s restrictions. If you did not get a change to carve your pumpkin this year, you will get a chance next year, fingers crossed all of this will be over by then!

2020 Best Pumpkins!

Kids dressed for Holloween in Cyprus

Halloween’s best dressed! Mad Hatter and Pennywise

Carved pumpkin lit up with candles

halloween in Cyprus at Cyherbia

Cyherbia’s Team

“Where are my BATS” – Vlad, 2020.

Just finished Carving!

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People enjoying halloween in cyprus

Catt, the artistic fairy did spooky face painting

Activity at Cyherbia during halloween

Broomstick race with the witch!

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