Lavender Flower Essence


What are Flower Essences?

What are Flower Essences? They are not essential oils, or tinctures. Unlike essential oils and tinctures which work on healing physical problems and improving health, they work on our emotional and spiritual side. 
Each flower essence has its plant spirit healing power. 

How are Flower Essences made?

How are they made?
The process of making flower essences is completely different from essential oil or tincture making. We cut the flower tops of plants, after asking them for permission, and we don’t touch them with our hands. We use sterilized cutters to cut the flowers, while holding a basket underneath, so that the flowers fall into the basket, so as to avoid the physical touch of our hands – this way, the flower energy is pure and does not get affected by our energy. 
Then we fill a glass bowl with spring water with the harvested flowers and let them brew in the sun all day, the sun’s energy makes this a very powerful essence. If it is a full moon during the night, we keep the glass bowl outside so as to also charge them with the full moon energy. 
Then, we strain the flowers and in a glass bottle, pour 50% of the flower essence out of the glass bowl with 50% brandy. That is called the Mother Tincture.  We then dilute 10 drops of flower essence in a 30ml glass bottle with again 50% brandy and 50% spring water. The more a flower essence is diluted, the more powerful it is, according to homeopathy principle!
The flower essences that we have made are chamomile, hawthorn, lavender and sage.
Lavender Flower Essence

Lavender Flower Essence

Spiritual and Emotional Healing Properties

  • Spiritual sensitivity
  • Heightened awareness Soothes over-stimulated nerves, overthinking, anxiety and burnout
  • Brings light into the mind, personal boundaries, peace of mind
  • Clarity and wisdom
  • Gives balance to those who absorb too much spiritual energy

Sage Flower Essence

Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Solar plexus – seat of power
  • Crown chakra – connection with spirit, Inner power
  • Wisdom from life experiences, survey from a higher perspective
  • Enlightenment
Sage Flower Essence
Hawthorn Flower Essence

Hawthorn Flower Essence


Emotional and Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Heart chakra
  • Healing grief, unlock forgiveness, let love flow, unblock heart barriers
  • Putting the heart back in the driver’s seat
  • Re-alignment with your heart’s desire and passion

Chamomile Flower Essence


Emotional and Spiritual Healing Properties

  • Sacral chakra and solar plexus
  • Soothes nerves, brings peace and calm to hypersensitive persons
  • Digestive calm
  • Brings sunshine and peace to relieve anxiety and worry Relieves anger issues, fear, negativity, grumpiness
Chamomile Flower Essence
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