Fermenting Workshop: Lavender Sauerkraut & Honey Wine

During the fermentation workshop you will learn how to make lavender sauerkraut & honey wine! Learn about the health benefits sauerkraut & wine. How can it improve your gut health? Can fermented herbs improve your health? Food anthropologist Eleni will answer all your questions!

A fermentation workshop led by Food Anthropologist Eleni Michael, using fresh herbs from Cyherbia’s gardens to make Lavender Sauerkraut & Lavender Honey Wine.

Upon arrival, at the entrance of Cyherbia Botanical Park you will get your tickets & information. You will then be directed to the workshop area.

  • Eleni will commence the workshop by introducing you to the concept of wild fermentation and gut health, with a glass of chilled herbal tea. 
  • You will then be guided to Cyherbia gardens to harvest fresh lavender to use for both the wine and the kraut. 
  • Starting with the Lavender Honey Wine, Eleni will talk to you about mead, one of the most ancient fermented drinks, referred to as “nectar of the gods” by ancient Greeks; you will get to make your own lavender mead from scratch to take home and enjoy in a few weeks time.
  • Moving onto Lavender Sauerkraut, you will learn about the different types of kraut-style ferments from around the world, and their versatility depending on local ingredients and personal preference; this will be followed by a hands-on workshop of how to make your own lavender kraut to also take with you. 
lavender sauerkraut and honey wine workshop with Eleni Michael, Food Anthropologist at Cyherbia

Eleni Michael, Food Anthropologist & Educator

lavender sauerkraut and honey wine workshop with Eleni Michael, Food Anthropologist at Cyherbia

Eleni Michael is a food educator, art curator and public speaker originating from Cyprus. Following a career in hospitality operations around the world ranging from five-star hotels and Michelin-starred restaurants, Eleni completed an MA in Anthropology of Food from SOAS University of London with her research focused on fermentation. Ever since, she has been delivering educational workshops as well as curating events and art exhibitions on all things fermentation. She is a member of The Fermenters Guild, UK and a Food & Climate Shaper at the Future Food Institute. Eleni is also the co-founder and curator of Enalia gallery in Larnaca.

  • Date: Sunday, 10 July 2022 at 16:00pm-18:00pm
  • Workshop Tickets: 30 euro per person 
  • Admission tickets: 6 euro for adults (13+yrs), 3 euro for children (6-12yrs), children under 5yrs free.

To book, send us a direct message on social media!