• How can I find you? 

If you are coming from Larnaca or Ayia Napa, it will take you about 30 minutes to get to us. It is best to come by car. Get directions

  • Where can i purchase entrance tickets? 

You can buy tickets online, by clicking the green button on the right side of the page, or you can get them upon arrival in our tickets & information office just as you walk in the park. 

  • Where do I park my car? Do you have a disabled parking area? 

Our main parking area is outside the gates of the park. Our disabled parking area and staff parking is inside the park, drive no faster than 10km p/h, to prevent dust being raised, as it damages our herbs & trees.

  • What do i need to bring with me?

Check the weather before you come. It is handy to bring an umbrella with you,  during the summer days it can get really hot and this will protect you from the strong sun. During winter and early spring, it can rain. You can also bring a re-usable water bottle with you, you can re-fill it for free. Food & drinks from outside our park are not aloud inside our cafe.

  • Do you serve food? 

In the Botanicus Bistro, you can enjoy a delicious meal made with local & seasonal ingredients, perfected with fresh herbs from our gardens. Sit back and relax while enjoying the view of the herb gardens surrounding the bistro. Your first cup of herbal ice tea is always on the house! 

  • Do you have special activities for children?

At the tickets & information office, you will receive an educational quest game for your kids. We have games for all ages!

  • Is your park wheelchair accessible?

All areas of the park are wheelchair accessible, except for the lavender meditation garden paths, as the are very narrow. You can still go to the beautiful lavender kiosk at the entrance of it and also visit our second lavender garden in the forest. You can take beautiful pictures in both lavender gardens.

  • How can i get notified about your events and workshops dates?

Our monthly newsletter has all the updates you need about our upcoming workshops and events. We also send useful tips on how to use herbs and essential oils. 

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  • Do you host children’s birthday parties at Cyherbia?
We only host birthday parties with a small group of children to prevent damages in the park. You can choose to do a fun workshop for your child’s birthday party, such as the fairy wish bottle workshop, fairy house workshop, or the cosmetics workshop

For safety purposes children must be accompanied and supervised by their parents at all times. 

  • Will the lavender gardens be open when i come to visit?

Lavender season is in June until July. The lavender gardens are open only during these months. Click here for more information about the lavender gardens

  • Are Photo-shoots, wedding shoots, drones and taking videos allowed?

You are more than welcome to be your creative self here! Please notify us before you come

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