Fairy House Workshop 2021

Fairy House Workshop 2021 took place on the last week of August.

 The fairy house workshop at Cyherbia happens every year in the summer months. This is a perfect opportunity to do something different with your kids on the weekend. Make your very own fairy house using your imagination and our materials. We show you how to start and help you as you craft. After you finish, you can add your fairy house to your garden or inside your house and make a start on a fairy garden!

The Fairy House Workshop 2021

This year, in 2o21 we added a new addition to this workshop: you can paint a ceramic fairy character ornament! We have gnomes, unicorns, dragons and fairies! Why not combine the two and add them to your own fairy garden at home?

We provide all materials such as paint brushes, acrylics, glue guns, decoration pieces etc. 

As you craft you can enjoy a refreshing glass of herbal ice tea, our famous lavender lemonade and eat a healthy lunch. We have freshly baked cakes and muffins every day too. 

Would you like to know when the next fairy workshop will be? 

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