Fairy Festival 2023

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Every year, Fairy Festival takes place in Spring. This fantasy event is one of Cyherbia’s biggest events and every year it has different fantasy themed activities. Dress up as your favourite fantasy character and take part in the costume competition for children and adults. Follow the steps on the game sheet you will be given upon entering and go on an adventurous quest, where you will stumble upon fantasy characters in all areas of the park! 

images from the fairy festival at Cyherbia Cyprus showing a woman making magic show

Kids can learn archery with a Forest Elf, make a fairy wand with a Flower Fairy, learn how to walk on stilts with the Joker and meet the Fairy Queen!

fairy girl at Cyherbia Fairy festival 2019 in Cyprus
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Every year our Fairy Festival has a story telling with a different theme and story! Magic potion shows, steampunk alchemy shows and more. 

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Discover magic and go on adventures in the Fairy Herb Gardens, Magical Labyrinth, Fairy Cottage, the Enchanted Forest and the Fairy Village!

Adventure in the fairy harb at Cyherbia Fairy Festival

Magic Potions

At the merchants, you will find artists selling their artwork, handmade accessories and jewellery! Here you will find palm readers, fortune tellers and tarot readers too.

Make your own fairy wand

Unleash your inner warlock or fairy at the Fairy Wand Workshop! Make your very own magical fairy wand in the enchanted woodland!

Wishes on Dream Catchers

Drawings and wishes hanging on dream catchers for the fairies!

Face Painting

Want to be a butterfly? A unicorn? Catt Soulart will transform your face!

Fairy Festival 2023 Program


Visit our Fairy Festival and learn how to walk on stilts!

kid learning how to walk on cans at our fairy Festival
Man learning how to walk on stilts at Cyherbia Fairy Festival 2019
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