Fairy Festival 2023

A Whimsical Fantasty Adventure for All Ages!

About Fairy Festival

The Fairy Festival, hosted annually at Cyherbia Botanical Park, is an enchanting and whimsical event that captivates the hearts and imaginations of visitors from all walks of life. As one of our most prominent and beloved gatherings, the Fairy Festival promises an experience like no other, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur into a realm of magic and wonder.


Each year, the Fairy Festival unveils a new and captivating fantasy theme, ensuring that no two festivals are ever the same. The highlight of the event is the opportunity for attendees of all ages to embrace their inner fantasy characters. Whether you aspire to be a mystical wizard, a graceful fairy, a daring knight, or any other fantastical persona, the Fairy Festival encourages you to dress the part and step into a world of fairytales.

One of the festival’s most celebrated features is the costume competition, open to both children and adults. It’s a chance to showcase your creativity and immerse yourself fully in the magical atmosphere. Our dedicated judges are on the lookout for the most imaginative and intricately designed costumes, making it a thrilling contest that adds to the festival’s allure.

Upon entering the festival grounds, adventurers of all ages receive a game sheet that serves as their map to an epic and adventurous quest. As you embark on this fantastical journey, you’ll encounter whimsical characters and creatures that inhabit every corner of the park. Prepare to be delighted by unexpected encounters with mystical beings that breathe life into the fairy tale landscape.

Young visitors have the opportunity to learn archery from a Forest Elf, craft their very own fairy wand under the guidance of a Flower Fairy, and even discover the art of stilt-walking with the Joker himself. Perhaps the most magical encounter of all is with the regal Fairy Queen, whose presence graces the festival and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of all who meet her.

The Fairy Festival at Cyherbia Botanical Park is a celebration of imagination, creativity, and the boundless possibilities of fantasy. It’s a day when dreams take flight and reality fades away, replaced by the enchanting world of make-believe. Join us at this extraordinary event and let your inner child come out to play as we embark on a magical journey beyond the ordinary.

Come, be part of the enchantment, and let the Fairy Festival transport you to a realm where the extraordinary becomes reality, if only for a day.

The Experience

Visitors to Cyherbia Botanical Park are in for a truly enchanting experience. Immerse yourself in a world of wonder where magic comes alive, and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. At Cyherbia, the enchantment begins with captivating Magic Potion Shows and mesmerizing Steampunk Alchemy Shows, where the secrets of ancient potions and alchemical wonders are unveiled before your eyes.

But the enchantment doesn’t end there. The park’s interactive storytelling sessions transport you to fantastical realms where tales come to life, sparking your imagination and leaving you spellbound.

As you explore the park, follow the map on an exhilarating adventure through the Maze, where twists and turns await around every corner. Traverse the Enchanted Forest, where the whispering trees and hidden mysteries beckon you deeper into the heart of nature’s magic. Wander through the Fairy Herb Gardens, a fragrant oasis where mystical herbs and plants thrive.

Prepare to encounter the stuff of legends as you meet real fairies, wise warlocks, mystical magicians, mischievous elves, and intriguing witches along your journey. Cyherbia Botanical Park is a place where fantasy becomes reality, and every corner reveals a new enchantment waiting to be discovered. Come and experience the magic for yourself, where the extraordinary is just an adventure away.

Craft Workshops

Unlock your inner creativity by participating in our fantastic workshops!

Craft wish candles from scratch, concoct delightful bath bombs, mold fairy soaps, brew enchanting potions, and create personalized fragrances that capture your unique essence. Our hands-on workshops offer an opportunity to learn, explore, and express your artistic side, all while surrounded by the enchanting ambiance of Cyherbia Botanical Park.

Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a curious beginner, these workshops promise an unforgettable experience filled with magic, fun, and the joy of crafting your very own magical creations. Join us and let your imagination soar!

Craft Activities Highlights

  • Make Magic Potions
  • Fairy Soap making
  • Discover the Merchants & Artists
  • Make a fairy wand
  • Place your wishes upon dream catchers
  • Face Painting

Visit our Fairy Festival and learn how to walk on stilts!

For beginners and the young at heart, there’s an exciting opportunity to master the art of stilt-walking at Cyherbia Botanical Park. Start with recycled tins, where you’ll take your first steps on stilts and discover the thrill of balancing on these unique contraptions. It might seem challenging at first, but with guidance and practice, you’ll find your rhythm. Gradually, you’ll progress to the grand wooden stilts, an exhilarating experience akin to riding a bike. Stilt-walking is not just a skill; it’s a journey of balance, coordination, and sheer fun. Join us for this memorable adventure and elevate your festival experience to new heights!

See you next year at Fairy Festival 2024

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