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Where Nature and Magic Collide

Don't miss out on Cyherbia's biggest, fantastic events in Cyprus. A unique experience all day for the whole family!

Cyherbia Botanical Park stands as the premier host of Cyprus’s most remarkable events. Our commitment to immersive experiences is unparalleled, as we meticulously craft and adorn Cyherbia to embody various captivating themes that complement each event or festival we organize.

We spare no effort in transforming our park into a mesmerizing wonderland, tailored to each grand occasion. Step foot into Cyherbia during the enchanting Fairy Festival, and you’ll instantly feel transported into a mystical forest from a distant realm. When Halloween approaches, the park undergoes a spine-tingling metamorphosis, with cobwebs, pumpkins, witches, and eerie creatures lurking around every corner, creating an atmosphere that sends shivers down your spine.

You don’t want to miss out on our annual events! Families from all over the island look forward to attending again and again, as every year the festivals are different from the years before. With our creativity, inspiration and innovation we make each festival greater, outmatching our previous ones. Why? Because we enjoy challenging and improving ourselves. 

Nothing fulfills us more than opening our gates to the world, entering our small paradise to share our artistry and knowledge to the old and young. 

Moreover, in between the big annual events, we have plenty of interesting seminars, educational and fun workshops and tours. Use your imagination to create your own fairy house at our Fairy House Workshop. Get your hands on essential oils and make your personalized natural cosmetics at our Cosmetics Workshop. Carve your scariest pumpkin with your kids for Halloween. Learn about the benefits of wild greens that grow outside your doorstep and how to cook them at our Wild Greens Workshop. 

Would you like to take a loot at our annual events, festivals and workshops? 

Our events are so creative and unique that locals and tourists alike love to attend them again and again!

During our big fantasy festivals, you can dress up as your favourite fantasy character. Show off your costume and take part at our costume competition to win a prize! Every year we add new things to each event. What makes our events in Cyprus stand out? Our imagination, creativity and love for fantasy.

If you are exploring Cyprus during dates where we don’t have a big event, don’t worry! Regular visits are filled with various activities for the whole family. Upon entering, you will receive a game sheet with fun educational scavenger hunts to do in all areas of the park. Walk in the nine themed herb gardens and discover the benefits of aromatic Cypriot herbs. Challenge yourself and find the 7 hidden birds in the maze, as well as the way out. Don’t forget to get amazing pictures at the watch tower in the maze, where you can see the maze from high up. Go to the wooden cottage and the Fairy Village inside the Woodland. After your walk, visit the distillation room and see how we extract essential oils form our herbs! 

Are you interested in an educational visit with your students or your work team?

We have special educational programs and fun activities for all ages and groups. Get back in touch with nature and interact with each other in fun challenges and workshops.  

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Unwind and indulge in a delightful dining experience at the Botanicus Bistro.

tea room at cyherbia

Enjoy a complimentary cup of herbal tea and try out our cakes and muffins. Our menu has a variety of healthy vegetarian dishes. Our dishes are made with seasonal vegetables and greens, seasoned with our organic herbs. You should definitely try our homemade lemonades, such as lavender, mint and ginger lemonades. You will fall in love with them! They are also available in the shop for you to take home.