What if we told you that your night routine could take less than a minute? Aromatherapy roll-on Sleep is a mixture of softening almond oil and essential oils of chamomile roman and lavender. A quick roll on your temples and a short rub with your fingers will slow you down instantly and before you know it… zZzZz…

For the ones that love sharing a romantic bath and the ones that enjoy their me-time bath, our lavender bath salts will bring you sweet happiness at the end of your busy day! With cyherbia’s own distilled essential oil of sunkissed lavender and Mediterranean sea salt and pretty little lavender flowers, your ordinary bath water will turn into a sweet blanket for your skin and relax your tired muscles, while calming your spirit and soothing your skin. 

After your heavenly bath-time, refresh your soft skin with a spritz of lavender water, a fantastic skin tonic that will kiss you goodnight!

Now it is time to warm up in between your warm, soft sheets with a cup of Sleep Tight tea! Packed with enchanting passionflower, lime, sweet lavender, hops,  lemon balm and lemon verbena for citrussy notes and calming chamomile, you will be holding a bed-time story in a cup! This tasty and delightfully relaxing tea promises to send you to dreamland! 

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