Cosmetics & Skincare Testing Workshop

Natural Cosmetics & Skincare Testing

  • Unlock the secrets of natural cosmetology and embark on an exhilarating journey of creating your personalized skincare line at our Cosmetics & Skincare testing workshop!
  • Dive into the world of essential oils and plant-based ingredients, where your hands and nose come alive with delightful aromas and textures.
  • Discover the benefits of various oils for different skin types, empowering you to make informed choices for your skincare routine.
  • Guided by our expert team, who craft Cyherbia’s high-quality cosmetics on-site, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and skills to concoct your own products at home.
  • Immerse in the magic of essential oils, witness the distillation process, and unveil the art of crafting nature’s wonders.

What to expect

  • Herbal Refreshments upon arrival
  • Introduction
  • Learn about natural cosmetic making
  • Introduction to ingredients, oils and their uses
  • Start making your own cosmetics!

This unique experience is the ultimate fusion of fun and education, nurturing your creative spirit and leaving you with the confidence to curate your beauty rituals with nature’s finest gifts.

Unveiling the Beauty of Nature’s Nutritious Cosmetics

The age-old adage “You are what you eat” holds true not just for our bodies but also for our skin. At Cyherbia, we embrace this philosophy, using only natural and ethically sourced ingredients in our skincare products. By nourishing your skin with wholesome goodness, you can achieve the radiant, healthy, and soft complexion you desire.

Experience the magic of nature’s finest offerings and indulge in skincare that is as pure as it is effective. Let the beauty of natural ingredients unfold, revealing the secrets of timeless beauty and well-being.

The cosmetics you can make:

  • Rejuvenating Face and Body Lotion
  • Aromatherapy oil
  • Hand Poured Soap
  • Nourishing Face Serum
  • Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
  • Linen Spray
  • Room Spray

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Hand Poured Soap Making Workshops for Kids

Gather up in Cyherbia’s Apothecary! Kids can make their very own hand poured soap using our premium essential oils. With an expert member of staff, kids will learn how to make personalized soap. 

Using their hands and noses, they will be able to choose from a variety of fragrances. This is a unique and fun experience for kids, and adults can take part too! After taking part in our workshop you can enjoy delicious desserts & refreshments in the Botanicus Bistro!Step into Cyherbia’s Apothecary and watch as kids become soap-making maestros! Guided by our expert staff, they’ll hand-pour their very own personalized soap using our premium essential oils. Engaging their senses, they’ll delight in choosing from an array of delightful fragrances. This unique and fun experience isn’t just for kids—adults can join the fun too! After the workshop, treat yourselves to delectable desserts and refreshing drinks at the Botanicus Bistro, making it a delightful day for all ages. Unleash creativity, indulge the senses, and create cherished memories at Cyherbia! 🧼🎉

Price: 6 euro per person

Crafting Connections: The Cosmetics Workshop – A Perfect Team Building Activity

Experience the transformative power of our cosmetics workshop as an extraordinary team-building activity for business associates. Tailored to foster collaboration and camaraderie, individuals work together, deepening connections through shared creativity and compassion. By opening up, sharing stories, and collaborating, teams will leave with a profound sense of growth and unity. Discover the beauty of bonding over a shared creative endeavor, leaving lasting memories of a truly enriching team-building experience. If you’re curious about this unique workshop for your team, reach out to us for more information and start building stronger, more connected teams today. 🌟🤝

#TeamBuilding #Collaboration #CreativeUnity #CosmeticsWorkshop

A day of making cosmetics and building cherished connections unfolded as SSAFA (The Armed Forces Charity) nurses engaged in a rewarding workshop. Crafting cosmetics and herbal teas, they relished the ultimate combo. A delightful lunch in the cafeteria and herbal refreshments heightened the experience. A tour of the distillation room enriched their knowledge. Ending with certificates, they embarked on a fun challenge, navigating through the maze together. An inspiring day filled with creativity, camaraderie, and laughter, leaving lasting memories etched in their hearts. 💐🧴🍵

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Please note: The workshop prices do not include the admission ticket price. You can get the workshop tickets in the Cyherbia Botanicals Shop, located next to the Botanicus Bistro in the main area. 

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