What if we told you that your night routine could take less than a minute? Aromatherapy roll-on Sleep is a mixture of softening almond oil and essential oils of chamomile roman and lavender. A quick roll on your temples and a short rub with your fingers will slow you down instantly and before you know it… zZzZz… For …


Herbal Tinctures and Extracts

WHAT ARE HERBAL EXTRACTS? An herbal extract or tincture is a very concentrated liquid in which alcohol is used to extract the herbal properties out of plant material and can be used internally as a natural food supplement to prevent and cure various illnesses/symptoms. Contact us for inquiries. Artemisia (sweet Annie) is antiviral, helps to reduce …

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Lavender Festival 2018

Lavender Festival 2018 Cyherbia Botanical Park Cyprus

Lavender Festival 2018 Cyherbia Botanical Park Cyprus Highlights This year we collaborated with FDI (Freedom Dolls Initiative) Every year lavender festival has new things to offer. One of the highlights of Lavender Festival 2018 was the collaboration with FDI (Freedom Dolls Initiative) Fabrics were donated to FDI. Survivors from human trafficking made handmade dolls with …

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Oregano Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

DID YOU KNOW: Oregano essential oil is one of the most powerful antibiotics that not only strengthens the immune system, but also helps to heal internal/external infections within 3-4 days without causing any side effects!

Lavender Festival 2017 Cyherbia Cyprus

Lavender Festival 2017 Cyherbia Cyprus Highlights Something special about 2017 festival Daily extractions of essential oil of lavender, craft workshops with lavender, meditation walks in the lavender labyrinth, tea, biscuits, cake and sorbet to taste.. all with lavender! Events we organized during the Lavender Festival 2017 Creative workshops with lavender: french lavender wand making, lavender …

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