The Botanicus Bistro is an oasis of flavour

Delight in Unique Lunch Dishes and Herbal Drinks Amidst the Botanicus Bistro's Beautiful Herb Gardens

Surrounded by Cyherbia’s aromatic herb gardens, the kitchen at Botanicus Bistro creates colourful and healthy dishes. Our dishes combine a variety of fresh, locally sourced ingredients to create visually appealing and nourishing meals. The outdoors seating area features a view point above the herb gardens, a play area for children and a fireplace at the indoors seating area. 

Have a look at our seasonal menu

Loose Leaf Herbal Teas

Taste delicious and highly nutritious herbal teas from our herb garden. From immune-boosting to relieving a dry cough, herbs can truly make a huge difference in your well-being.

cyherbia's lavender lemonade

Lavender Lemonade

Our unique lavender lemonade is hand-made in our kitchen. We create a lavender lemonade squash which you can find in the Botanicals Shop, available for purchase. Lavender is naturally sweet and relaxing.

botanicus bistro dishes

Local & Sustainable

Our talented chefs create seasonal menus to celebrate each season’s fruit, vegetable, greens, and you guessed it: herbs! 

Black Smoker's Gin

Cyprus has a lot of herbs growing wild on the mountains, and citrus fruit and all the ingredients that were thoughtfully used in this gin. Being in the drinks industry for years and having mixed so many ingredients aiming for the perfect cocktail (!) we got together as three of a kind, Paris Christofides as a mixologist, Miranda Tringis as a botanist or more precise herbalist, and the oenologist Loukas Papaloukas. We closed our eyes and thought of our country and its beauty, the smells and its tastes and all tried to describe what is finally in this bottle. A gin offering to God that blessed our island as beautiful as it is, a gin that came from the produce of this earth, a gin that is connected with the formation of this terroir.

Buy now online Black Smokers Gin in Cyprus from Cyherbia Botanical Park & Labyrinth. A unique limited edition gin infused with herbs.

Dining Experience

Satisfy all your senses with our unique dining experiences:


To reserve your table, please contact us via email at, or via phone +99915443.

Birthday Parties at Cyherbia

We organize the best-day-ever for you and your guests! Our birthday party packages are sure to surprise your guests with immersive activities in nature and delicious food! Have a look at our packages below.

Fantasy Theme

Our whimsical theme includes: storytelling with entertainer for kids and party games in the maze and woodland.

Games & Crafts

Kids can do a scavenger hunt game in the park, then make a soap, a fairy wish bottle or a fairy house.

Family Fun

Do the scavenger hunt in the park and have your party dinner with your guests in the Botanicus Bistro.

Indulge in our dining experiences

Wondering what to do in Cyprus? Have a look at the unique experiences we offer at Cyherbia. Discover Cypriot Herbs, Mediterranean vegetarian dishes and find fairies in the Fairy Village. Get creative at our fun workshops and spend an entire at our big festivals and events with fun activities!

best idea for snack out in nature

Afternoon High Tea

The High Tea tier includes sweets & savories, such as pancakes, wraps, scones with clotted vanilla cream & strawberry-mint jam, muffins, cakes and fresh fruit. Served with coffee, tea or lemonade. Let us treat you to a complimentary glass of bubbly prosecco!

Every bite is delicious, you can taste the freshness of everything – as it is made on the spot, with top quality & locally sourced ingredients. 

Contact us to book the high tea & skip the entrance tickets! If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know in advance!

25 euro pp incl. entrance tickets. Min. 2 persons for bookings.

Embrace an enchanting escape at Cyherbia’s Boho Picnic—a captivating journey where nature’s allure meets indulgence. Surrounded by the scenic beauty of the botanical park, delight in splendid decor, delectable food, and refreshing drinks.

As the woodland setting works its magic, cherished moments of togetherness unfold, leaving lasting memories. Relish the symphony of flavors amidst the company of loved ones, creating a dreamy experience that lingers in the heart.

Let Cyherbia pamper you in this extraordinary picnic, where joy, relaxation, and culinary delights intertwine for an unforgettable outing.

Surrounding the Botanicus Bistro

Find Natural Products in the Botanicals Shop

distillation room at cyherbia

You will find the Cyherbia Botanicals Store is next to the Botanicus Bistro. You can browse our shop while you wait for your fresh meal to be prepared in our kitchen. Our shop has an incredible variety of organic lose herbal teas, essential oils, handmade cosmetics and herbal extracts. Our high quality essential oils and hydrosols (flower water) are distilled in our distillation room. Our staff is happy to show you around and give you all the information you need about all our products. With the help of our herbalist, you can learn which herbs and natural remedies can aid to your unique needs for well-being. 

See the Butterfly Hatchery

During the enchanting days of summer, our botanical park becomes a stage for nature’s captivating transformation. A plethora of tiny caterpillars is discovered, and we lovingly nurture them in our hatchery.

Here, they feast on nourishing fennel, initiating a wondrous journey of growth. Gradually, these little creatures undergo a magical metamorphosis, cocooning themselves in anticipation of their grand reveal.

The moment finally arrives, as the once humble caterpillars emerge as magnificent Swallowtail butterflies. Witness this awe-inspiring life cycle as we release these newfound winged wonders into our flowering gardens, adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the vibrant landscape.

The Botanicus Bistro represents our identity as nature lovers, as well as our commitment in sustainability and supporting our local community’s produce! All our dishes include carefully curated fresh and seasonal ingredients from local farms. Discover the taste of traditional Cypriot & Mediterranean dishes with our own herbal touch.

We serve breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes. The Botanicus Bistro is an experience of the senses, with a luxurious view of the botanical gardens surrounding the bistro. We encourage you to take a tour in our botanical gardens, before you taste our dishes.