The Botanicus Bistro is surrounded by our beautiful herb gardens. Sit back, relax and enjoy our unique lunch dishes and refreshing herbal drinks.

The Botanicus Bistro represents our identity as nature lovers, as well as our commitment in sustainability and supporting our local community’s produce! All our dishes include carefully curated fresh and seasonal ingredients from local farms. Discover the taste of traditional Cypriot & Mediterranean dishes with our own herbal touch. We serve breakfast, brunch and lunch dishes. The Botanicus Bistro is an experience of the senses, with a luxurious view of the botanical gardens surrounding the bistro. We encourage you to take a tour in our botanical gardens, before you taste our dishes. 

This season's Spring & Summer Menu is all about healthy comfort food! We cook with seasonal, local produce & our fresh herbs from our garden. The results are colorful plates that make your mouth water with their irresistible aroma!

Herbal Touch

Botanicus Bistro overlooks the gorgeous herb gardens. We harvest herbs from our gardens and season, infuse and cook cypriot dishes our own way.

Local & Sustainable

Our ingredients are carefully picked from our local community & farms. Responsible cooking, zero waste and uncompromising taste!

free tea tasting at cyherbia botanical park

Dining Experience

Sit back, relax and enjoy satisfying all your senses. Natural ambiance, birds singing in the background and delight every flavour.

Use all your senses to feel, see, listen and taste cypriot organic herbs which season and infuse our food. We adore unique ingredients to Cyprus and we believe that oregano, lemon verbena, lavender and carob are a luxury. Regarding beverages and desserts, we love adventurously pairing flavours and combinations of sweet, sour, salty, savoury and bitter. At Botanicus Bistro, we carefully curate our food and beverages depending on each season, so expect to taste exciting new flavours throughout the year.

rest drinking a natural tea at cyherbia

Your first cup of tea is on the house!

When you come back from your walk in the herb gardens, present us your entrance ticket and you will get a complimentary cup of herbal tea. In the summer, we have delicious ice teas and in the winter we have herbal teas that will warm up your entire body.

Afternoon High Tea

The High Tea tier includes drinks, sweets & savories, such as wraps, fresh scones with clotted vanilla cream & strawberry-mint jam, muffins, cakes and fresh fruit. Let us treat you to a complimentary glass of bubbly prosecco!

Let your taste buds bloom in the Botanicus Bistro!

You must try our refreshing, ice cold homemade lavender lemonade with a slice of lavender with lemon cake! We have a variety of different kinds of homemade lemonades infused with herbs, as well as lots of muffins and cakes.

Have a luxury boho picnic in nature!

Let us pamper you with delicious food & drinks in the most beautiful & comfortable setting! Decorated to the -TEA, and set up under the shade of the trees in the woodland.

Afternoon High Tea

Enjoy a lush afternoon with your friends & family, in the bistro overlooking the beautiful herb gardens! 

The High Tea tier includes sweets & savories, such as pancakes, wraps, scones with clotted vanilla cream & strawberry-mint jam, muffins, cakes and fresh fruit. Served with coffee, tea or lemonade. Let us treat you to a complimentary glass of bubbly prosecco!

Every bite is delicious, you can taste the freshness of everything – as it is made on the spot, with top quality & locally sourced ingredients. 

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Contact us to book the high tea & skip the entrance tickets! If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know in advance!

Price: 25 euro pp with complimentary entrance tickets. Min. 2 persons for bookings.

Browse our Botanical Shop

You will find the Cyherbia Botanicals Store is next to the Botanicus Bistro. You can browse our shop while you wait for your fresh meal to be prepared in our kitchen. Our shop has an incredible variety of organic lose herbal teas, essential oils, handmade cosmetics and herbal extracts. Our staff is happy to show you around and give you all the information you need about all our products.

The Butterfly Hatchery

Every summer, we find lots of tiny caterpillars and we keep them in a hatchery, where they munch on fennel, turn into cocoons and eventually transform into beautiful Swallowtail butterflies. Click on the butterfly to watch a short video of butterfly breeding at Cyherbia.

Wondering what to do in Cyprus? Have a look at the unique experiences we offer at Cyherbia. Discover Cypriot Herbs, Mediterranean vegetarian dishes and find fairies in the Fairy Village. Get creative at our fun workshops and spend an entire at our big festivals and events with fun activities!

Botanicus Bistro Seasonal Menu

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