Welcome your guests with surprise lavender gifts!

Cyherbia’s natural products give the wow factor to every person that uses them! Hand packed with our own organic herbs and premium essential oils distilled on site, the quality is uncanny! The best gift products for hotels are made with the queen of herbs: Lavender! The sweet sxent of lavender essential oil is used in the soaps, pillow mist and lavender moments gift box. 

Benefits of lavender essential oil in cosmetics:

  • calms the nervous system
  • softens and cleanses skin
  • enhances sleep quality
  • relieves muscle pain & headaches

Benefits of lavender pouches:

  • protects clothes and fabrics inside the wardrobe
  • maximizes guest experience in the room
  • if placed under the pillow case, the aroma promotes sleep quality

Click to learn more about the uses and benefits of the above products! This video is in English. Scroll down for the Greek version.


Greek version: