The Herb Gardens at Cyherbia: The Beautiful Gardens In Cyprus

Beautiful Gardens in Cyprus. Discover the most picturesque place inside Cyherbia Botanical Park!

Beautiful Gardens In Cyprus at Cyherbia
Lady with Blue flower Wreath in the beatiful Garden of Cyherbia

Beautiful Gardens In Cyprus

Get back in touch with nature, waking up all your senses! Your eyes will see different shades of green, flowers, lizards and butterflies. Discover the culinary herbs that are used in all delicious traditional Cypriot dishes. Smell the intense aroma of aromatic herbs we extract oil from. Touch the leaves and let them leave their sweet scent on your fingertips. 

Beautiful Gardend In Cyprus at Cyherbia
Woman enjoying Green Monday 2020 at Cyherbia
sun flower and little hedgehog at Cyherbia Gardens

Upon entering the park, you will receive a brochure with a written guide. The guide has information about each garden; the uses and benefits of Cypriot and Mediterranean herbs we grow on site. Children get a fun, educational game sheet, where they will do scavenger hunting around the park. They will also identify good and bad bugs and also learn about herbs that are good for well-being. When they return the game sheet to a staff member, they will be given a prize.

The most spectacular and must-see garden is the Lavender Gardens! This garden is open in June until early July, when Lavender is in full bloom. 

Beautiful Gardens in Cyprus
young girl smiling in the beautiful lavender Garden of Cyherbia
lavender garden at Cyherbia is among the best festivals in Cyprus

All herbs we grow are organic, we cut by hand and extract their oil in our distillation room on site. We also pack them in tea bags to use as tea or for cooking. You can browse our natural products in our shop at Cyherbia, or click here for the online shop.

After your walk in the herb gardens, you can go to the distillation room. A staff member will show you how essential oils are extracted with our two distillation machines. You will also learn about each essential oil’s unique uses and benefits for well-being and aromatherapy.

Distilation Room
Natural products produced in distillation room

The best time of year to visit the park? Each season has its own beauty, it looks different throughout the year. The park is greener in Spring, Summer and Autumn and during these seasons, we have the biggest events! Fairy Festival in Spring, Lavender Festival in the beginning of Summer and Pumpkin Carving and Halloween in Autumn.

Group Visits

Book a visit with a group of 12 or more people. Go on a guided tour with us in the herb garden and distillation room.

Halloween activities at Cyherbia Cyprus

School Visits

Book a visit with your class room. Children get an educational game sheet and activities to complete together.

Snapshots from our Beautiful Gardens in Cyprus

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